Expert advice on How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

Those of us with beautiful lawn gardens are almost always worried about how to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture. The quote which says that

The first impression is the last impression

and when it comes to our homes the first thing that one sees is our lawn or garden. Hence, you should pay a lot of attention to your garden furniture also considering the fact that it is not a cheap investment in the first place. And if not taken care of properly can ruin the whole look of your house.

Patio furniture, unfortunately, has to fight all kinds of extreme weather changes and other things such as:

  • the scorching sun
  • pouring rain 
  • freezing cold
  • clouds of dust
  • stray animals
  • bugging bugs and pests
  • wear and tear due to human use

However, when we invest so much in our outdoor living space then we should take care of it as well which will be worth our effort and time.

How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

Every element of our house matters and is like a piece in the puzzle which completes the look. Similarly with rusted and faded patio furniture that ruined piece of your puzzle would destroy the entire look. Let us look at how we can save our picture from becoming dull.

These methods are collected from experts so it is guaranteed that this work.

Types of Patio Furniture

  • Aluminum
  • Resin Wicker
  • Wood
  • Recycled Plastic
  • Wrought Iron
  • Steel
  • Mosaic

These are all the different types of material used to make the patio furniture which you very proudly use to decorate and amplify the charm of your lawn or garden. But by far the most should I say successful or in-demand is the aluminum patio furniture.

Now you may ask why?

Why You Should Go for Aluminum Patio Furniture

  • Lightweight

Aluminum is known to be a lightweight material in comparison to wood, steel, and cast iron. The biggest advantage of it being light in weight is that it can be transported easily and would save you a lot of money on that. Once in your garden, you can easily change the setting and move it to different places as you please.

  • Durability

Pretty much everyone is well aware of this very great quality of aluminum that it does not rust, unlike iron or steel. Materials like iron or steel rust very in a short span of time when they are in contact with moisture and can be a piece of costly furniture to keep outdoors. Similarly wood is also not a good option as it gets faded after some time due to exposure to direct sunlight and can get cracked and needs high maintenance.

Aluminum whose upper layer does oxidize but it only adds to the advantage as it protects the inner layers of that piece of furniture.

  • Versatility

Aluminum you may think is only used to make furniture but that’s not the case and it is used to make many items for decoration purposes. Another great advantage is that its melting point is not as high as iron or steel which reduces the cost of energy used to make materials from it. And because of this quality, it can be easily molded into different shapes.

Now since we have talked enough about aluminum and what sort of challenges it has to face and the qualities that make it a good option for outdoor furniture let us now look at how to protect our precious aluminum patio furniture.

Some quick and simple ways to restore your aluminum patio furniture

How to restore faded cast aluminum patio furnitureHow to restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is low maintenance but even then everything demands its due attention. Try to clean your aluminum patio furniture after about every two to three weeks with a damp cloth and dish wash.


  • Never let any cleaning agent which you use on your aluminum patio furniture dry on it with a good amount of water thoroughly wash it off.
  • Secondly, avoid alkaline cleaning products they will cause instant discoloration which will be a sore sight for your eyes trust me.

Moving on here are some ways to consider to keep your patio furniture in tip-top shape:

  1. Using a damp towel clean your patio furniture for any bird poop, dust, or any food stains.
  2. Gentle scrubbing to remove scuff marks. These scuff marks can make your furniture look old and ugly, remove them with a non-abrasive cleaner specially designed for powder-coated products (Do not scrub aggressively).
  3. For shine: an equal 1 part water and 1 part vinegar will prevent rust accumulation and give your patio aluminum furniture a good shine.

Technique 1: Paint your aluminum patio furniture

Paint acts like makeup for your precious cast aluminum patio furniture. So get your stuff ready and your team be it your siblings or kids.

Things you will need:
  1. Wire brush
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Primer
  4. 1K / 2K base paint
  5. Lacquer
  6. UV additive (optional)

Step 1: Using a wire brush and with a gentle hand remove any visible surface material and rust. Make sure that you completely remove the rust without any leftovers. It may take some time and effort.

Step 2: For the rust treatment put your rubber gloves on and scrub the framework of the aluminum patio furniture making sure that no rust treatment solution spills over to the fabric.

* (Always remove as much fabric as you can from the furniture as the solution could leave nasty stain marks)

Step 3: A very important step is to apply primer, this would give the paint an even look and finish. Apply thin coats of the primer so thin that it should be hand touch dry in 20-25 minutes. You should be able to paint in 1-2 hours.

Step 4: After the primer has dried completely begin painting:

  • Use a 1K base coat single pack acrylic paint (non-hardened paint)
  • When using a 1K base coat always put a layer of lacquer to protect the layer so it lasts longer
  • If you use a 2K base coat paint then you can skip the lacquer part
  • You can add UV additive where possible to protect your patio furniture from sun bleaching

Technique 2: Automobile wax for shine

If you think that painting is not possible at the moment and you need a quick fix before the evening get together at your place then you can try out this method.

Things you’ll need:
  1. Wire brush
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Soft sponge (non-abrasive scouring pad)
  4. Marine aluminum cleaner
  5. Warm water
  6. Towel
  7. Automobile wax

Step 1: With a stiff wire brush remove all the unwanted rust and debris from the exposed surface

Step 2: Wear your rubber gloves and dip a soft sponge in a marine aluminum cleaner, scrub with it around the frame of the furniture.

Step 3: Take warm water and completely rinse the furniture making sure no chemical is left behind

Step 4: With the help of a towel dry totally

Step 5: To add extra shine take a cloth and apply a very thin layer of automobile wax

Step 6: With a light hand clean the automobile wax with another clean piece of cloth

Prevention is better than cure

Patio furniture covers

Take out a day and go shopping for a beautiful set of patio covers. There is no better way to protect your patio furniture from direct sunlight, rain, and dust. Cover your patio furniture when it is not in use or you have a bad weather report. Prevention can help you save precious time and protect your heavy investment done in the patio furniture.

  • The covers will also add a nice pop of colors and make your garden look more appealing from that room window when you look outside.
  • Patio covers can be a bit costly but not as much as the damage which will be caused otherwise so do keep in mind that you do good research on them regarding their quality.
  • Measure your patio furniture very accurately so that the custom covers fit properly and are not loose enough to fly away and left out exposed to elements of nature.

Get rid of mildew

Mildew is a patch of white or grey fungus that builds upon the surface due to moisture. Not only does it look disgusting but also gives out a bad smell. So make sure you keep an eye on it by smelling the fabric of your cushions. Mildew should not be given a chance to grow as it can become an issue because of which you may even need to throw away your pillows or cushions.

What you should do is:

  •  3/4th cup bleach
  • 1-gallon water


Step 1: Mix them together and make a cleaning solution.

Step 2: Always test on a small area before you go big. Once you think you are good to go spray the solution on the fabric parts of your patio furniture.

Step 3: Wash it off with cold fresh water and you will instantly notice that all the bad smell has vanished away.

Timely repairs

Nothing is indestructible and needs proper care every now and then. You should too look for any loose nuts or bolts which can cause an accident if left unattended.

  • Get your tool box out and tighten the screws
  • Make sure to check if they are properly fastened
  • In some cases, where there is a crack in the furniture you may need to use glue specially designed for aluminum to fix it
  • Do not shy away from buying parts of your aluminum patio furniture which needs replacing. No one likes worn out and cracked parts


Tarps are a cheap alternative to custom made patio covers for your furniture. You should not give up on protecting your patio furniture at any cost and at least cover it with tarps.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Use breathable tarps
  • Use vinyl tarps instead of plastics one (plastic ones are not a good option but are still okay to use)
  • Make sure that the tarps are waterproof

Ensure that the tarps are properly secured with ropes and do not fly away as a result of strong wind or rain. They are not the best option to consider but you must have heard that something is better than nothing.

Winter is coming

If you are a resident of such an area that receives a harsh winter blow then you must think of putting your aluminum patio furniture away in the storage room.

Harsh and snowy winters are the worst even more than summers as they can cause your patio furniture to deteriorate at a faster rate. Try and store them away in your shed or a garage can be used for this purpose as well. Many of you must be thinking of this as a very unpleasant idea. However, just think for a while you only have to do this once every year and your patio furniture will be forever grateful to you for saving it from the extreme winter cold.

If you have a covered small lawn you can move the patio furniture over there temporarily as well. All of this may be time-consuming but it is worth all your effort.


Patio furniture is made keeping in mind that it will be kept outdoors where it’ll be exposed to harsh climates like direct sunlight, rain, snowfall, and dust. Most companies do claim that their patio furniture is weather-resistant however no matter how much durable it is built to be with the passage of time signs of wear and tear do show themselves.  Same is the case with your aluminum patio furniture so my advice to you is that do not neglect your expensive furniture and from time to time look after it.

Use our easy and quick methods to prevent and restore faded cast aluminum patio furniture. A little attention from time to time can work wonders and help you save a lot of money. I hope this blog post was of some use to you and you who probably might be reading it on your beautiful aluminum patio furniture are happy to finally be on the right track to save it.

Stay safe stay blessed. ????

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