10 Ways To Fill The Space Above Your Sofa

10 Ways To Fill The Space Above Your Sofa

Standing in front of a blank wall and thinking of ways to decorate it can sometimes be pretty intimidating and challenging. However, everyone has a vibe they wish to project through this medium. So, it may seem nerve-racking but don’t worry, we will get through this, and by the end of the blog, I’m sure you’ll have ways to fill the space above your sofa.

See, with everything, we need to know a few things before we get into planning the décor part, such as:

  • The size of the sofa itself
  • Available wall space
  • How high is the ceiling
  • Your interest and style

Now it is entirely up to you whether you want things to be simple (minimalist way), or you may decide to take the scenic route that is your choice. The thing about decorating an area is that you have all the freedom in the world to be creative and wild about it. Whatever you do, ensure harmony between all the elements, and they do not look like random stuff lying together. It should feel warm and something to feel good when you look at it and spend your time there.

Continue reading to explore great wall décor ideas for the space above your couch!

10 ways to fill the space above your sofa

A to Z

Bringing harmony into anything is difficult, especially if you wish to incorporate or work with different elements. But that does not mean it’s something impossible to do.

Here we have all together blending perfectly together into each other, from wall art to printables and mirrors, wall hangings, and macramé-style wall hanging.

I am all in for this look; hence this will be my number one.

Aesthetic world map

I love to travel and do that whenever I get the chance. So an anesthetic world map hanging right above my favorite couch is a beautiful feeling. It makes me want to work harder to reach the top of the mountains or some island.

It looks beautiful and can be quite a healthy addition to your house.

Dishes around a frame

Are you a food lover like I am and wish to see those beautiful dishes lying everywhere on the wall as well? Then why wait when this lovely decoration idea looks stunning? 

Take out all those beautiful pieces and hang them around a wall of art.

Filling a space was never that simple.

Mirror duo

Mirrors are a great way to make a space look more significant as they work as reflectors and bring in more light making a space look more open and big.

Although mirrors look cool enough if you wish, you can pair them up with wall hangings.

Simple Macramé

If you want a boho-chic aesthetic, then a macramé is a hallmark piece to do so. Its simplicity is what clicks and attracts eyes to look at it. Work on it to infuse it with different patterns, plants, and other light features to bring it together into a great wall décor above your couch. Look at what works best for you, as you can find them in several different styles and sizes.

Wooden wall mount art

Wood is so beautiful, and I love everything about it.

Not only does it look good as furniture, but it also gives a brilliant modern vibe like 3D wall art. I can spend all my money to have this piece on the wall next to my couch. How can something be so simple yet vibrant and beautiful and attract so much.

Crime Time

We won’t be committing criminal activity, but I loved the look and thought of sharing it with you guys. If you are a fan of peaky blinders, criminal minds, prison break, and breaking bad, you will also fall in love with this look.

The handcuffs and chains look so mesmerizing, although only on that wall and not on the hands for real. And a simple wall clock to complete the look.

Floating shelves in the wall

Floating shelves are a great way to cover that vertical and horizontal space, but these tremendous floating shelves within the wall are amazing.

Great to keep your books that have been lying everywhere without an actual home. Well, they have one now, and its sure is a cozy one within the wall.

Floating shelves and mirror duo

There can be a million ways to use something, and in the same way, you can create a fusion look with stunning mirrors and floating shelves.

Mirrors give a clean open vibe, and shelves compliment that vibe like nothing else.

Neon signs and art

Some may consider neon lights only for outdoor use, but they are on another level when placed inside the home. Not only do they look aesthetic, but at the same time have such a relaxed modern vibe.

You can have them custom-made into anything you like. It can be your favorite quote, sign, or a fusion of neon lights and art.

Neon teams up with paints.

I love painting on walls, there is just so much space to work with, and you can make anything colorful and turn it into an abstract piece of art. Then, hang a neon sign there among the art, and voila, you have something unique above your couch.

And the possibilities are endless; you can add mirrors vertically to the space or maybe think of something else to make the space pop.

Play with shapes

There’s no need for everything to be the same size. However, you must be creative to find a balance between the two.

Create a beautifully symmetrical look by aligning vintage frames of different shapes.


In our digital world today, printables have become so common and are used almost everywhere to bring a pop of color to the surroundings. And we will also do the same.

Get some fantastic printables and frame them to put them on a floating shelf above your couch.

It is so simple and unique. You’ll love the look.

How To Decorate Above Your Couch - Inspiration and Ideas

Bottom Line

Some people use the space above their sofa to display a TV or a stereo system, while others use it as a storage space for items they use frequently. Whatever the option, there are many ways to fill the space above your sofa to make your living room more comfortable and convenient.

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