How to Remove Blinds with Hidden Brackets

How to Remove Blinds with Hidden Brackets

How to Remove Blinds with Hidden Brackets

Hidden brackets provide a way to hang blinds without having visually unattractive equipment appearing. Prior to this, property holders regularly positioned a drapery or valance over head rails, in the event that they decided to shroud the meddling equipment. Today, blinds have thin, smooth head rails that fill in as a point of convergence. Concealed sections fit inside the head rail of the blind making it imperceptible to the eye. Evacuation of a blind with concealed sections is sensibly simple and should be possible very quickly when supplanting your blinds. So let us look at how to remove blinds with hidden brackets.

Method 1

Just follow the steps written below to remove your blinds with hidden brackets:

Step 1:

Pull the braces and base rail of the blind as far as possible up to the head rail utilizing the blind’s string. Secure the supports and base rail into place, which will make the blind simpler to eliminate from the sections.

Step 2:

Grasp the blind by placing one hand on each side of the blind. You may need to ask for assistance if the blind is more than thirty inches wide so that the blind is lifted evenly and does not become hung up from lifting one end unequally. Ensure that you grip the head rail across the front and top with your palm and fingers, allowing your thumb to rest underneath the bottom rail of the blind.

Step 3:

Pull the lower part of the blind up toward roof by applying tension on the top and back of the blind with your fingers and palm and on the lower part of the blind with your thumbs. The pulling movement will deliver the section from the front of the head rail and permit you to eliminate the blind from the section by proceeding to push upward.

Step 4:

Unscrew the screws from the hidden brackets with a manual screwdriver or cordless screwdriver with a head bit.

Method 2

Different Types of Blinds with hidden brackets and ways to remove them:

Notwithstanding the sort of blind you’re eliminating, the initial steps are all-inclusive. Prior to endeavoring to eliminate your blinds, make certain to clear the space around your window. Eliminate shades and drapery bars, move furniture away from the territory and make certain to give the blinds a light cleaning if necessary. In the event that there is a valance or a bit of metal or wood shaping covering the highest point of the blinds, eliminate it. You can do as such by lifting the lower edge of the valance and afterward tenderly pushing the pivoted cuts that hold it set up with a flathead screwdriver until it flies off. When the valance is off, you’ll approach the sections that protected the blinds’ head rail. The following stages change dependent on the kind of blind.

Type 1 Venetian and Mini-Blinds:

Effectively the most famous and regular style of blind, Venetian, and small-scale blinds are easy to eliminate. Draw the blinds up and secure them first by utilizing the locking system and afterward by tying the blinds’ string around the withdrawn heap of braces. Next, you’ll have to open or release the brackets securing the head rail of the blinds, either by squeezing in spring tabs, flipping up, or pushing out the sections with a screwdriver, or unscrewing the section covers. When the sections are delivered, you can slide the head rail out and the blinds will be taken out.

Type 2 Vertical Blinds:

The way toward eliminating vertical blinds is unbelievably like that of eliminating Venetian and scaled-down blinds: the greatest distinction is that you’ll need to eliminate the vertical supports prior to endeavoring to eliminate the head rail – else you may harm the blinds. You can do this with your fingers or a flathead screwdriver, by somewhat opening the clasps that hold the braces set up, and afterward eliminating them from their snare or other affixing points. Whenever this is done, eliminate the blinds by either opening making sure about sections and eliminating the head rail, as you would with Venetian or smaller than expected blinds, or – if the head rail is in a bad way straightforwardly into the divider or roof – unscrewing the contraption with a screwdriver.

Type 3 Cellular and Pleated Blinds:

While creased blinds and cellular blinds look incredible and make for fantastic separators, eliminating them can be a marginally more convoluted cycle than with the more normal flat blinds since they will in general be appended with a progression of clasps. Contingent upon if the blinds are cordless, you’ll either need to push and tilt the head rail in reverse to eliminate it from its brackets or, if cordless, press in or unscrew the tabs on the rear of the head rail, permitting you to deliver it from the sections.

Type 4 Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds, otherwise called roller shades, are anything but difficult to eliminate yet can be dubious from the outset. They by and large need valances and complex brackets, yet the brackets on each side of the roller are unique: One side will have a post to make sure about the roller, and the other will have a switch that braces down on the finish of the roller. To eliminate roller blinds, first guarantee that the blinds are withdrawn completely, at that point swing open the switch section. Lift the roller out of the section tenderly, at that point pull it from the making sure about post. You would then be able to eliminate the mounting sections by unscrewing them.

Type 5 Horizontal Blinds:

Horizontal blinds can range from wood and faux wood blinds or aluminum mini blinds. Most horizontal blinds have similar mounting brackets. Follow these simple steps to removing the blinds.

To start with, eliminate the valance if there is one on the blinds. Most valances are mounted with a clasp that will connect at the highest point of the head rail. The valance ordinarily can be taken out by basically lifting if off the blinds.

Next, open the brackets. After the valance is taken out you ought to approach the head rail of the blinds and the mounting sections. There will be a bracket at each finish of the head rail. The sections are opened by lifting the entryway or pivoted side of the section. Most sections have a tab that keeps the pivoted side shut. You may need to utilize a screwdriver to tenderly lift the pivoted side off the tab.

When the brackets are open, basically eliminate the window blinds from the brackets. Next, eliminate the sections from the window outline by eliminating the sinks that hold them in place.


Method 3

Eliminating the blinds are an extremely simple method if the clients follow the correct procedures. The shrouded sections ordinarily are a basic method to hang down the blinds and that too without having the obvious equipment appearance. The concealed sections are generally fitted inside the visually impaired rail. The clients can without much of a stretch eliminate the blinds with the shrouded sections at home by following the beneath portrayed method. The material that is utilized for playing out this strategy are hand apparatuses, just gather the hand instruments and start the cycle.


Let’s get started….

Start by opening up the blinds so as to forbid it from getting damaged while detaching it. After that, lift the cord downwards till the blinds get raised upward as much as it can then the users need to press it upwards against the metallic bar and the upper cover over the window top.

Now you need to move towards the brackets that hold up the blinds in their place and they have to separate the cover that is set over the blinds. There is additionally the wide bit of the plastic that goes over the blind and if on the off chance you discover the cover that folds the bit of the metal around the blind top then they have to follow the subsequent stage. In the event that on the off chance that you discover the cover at that place, at that point they are encouraged to blast it off and afterward lift it upwards inside the bracket surface. You should be exceptionally cautious while doing this cycle as though they lift the cover with the power as it is delicate in nature and it can break into numerous little pieces as it can’t deal with the weight. A portion of the covers are covered by metal covers and you need to blast that off by utilizing the level headed screwdriver.

Usually, there are various kinds of blinds available in the market and there is only one single procedure for affixing the blinds at the window top. You need to keenly observe the blind tops so as to find out the brackets that are holding the blinds in place. At sometimes there can be pieces of the metal that will be running at the blind front each one at the distance of the rightmost and the leftmost side of the blind. This kind of brackets can be located easily as it usually holds up the blinds and will get fasten at the front and that is why they can be spotted easily. Other than this the brackets are also placed above the area of the blinds within the small area in between the window top and the blinds affixed with the wall.

You need to utilize the level headed screwdriver and afterward, they have to blast the sections or the clasps that typically hold up the visually impaired in one spot. The clients need to get guaranteed to hold up the blinds while they are popping the clasps if in the event that they get relax or they fall downwards. These clasps ordinarily help in keeping the blinds in one careful spot.

Once you have popped out the brackets from the frame of the window then they need to hold the blind top with both their hands at their ends. Then they need to lift the blinds outwards apart from the frame of the window and by doing so you can easily detach the blinds. If in case, they are not able to detach the blinds then they are advised to examine the window top once again so as to find out the extra brackets that might be placed within the frame of the window and then unhook those brackets by using the flat-headed screwdriver.

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