7 Best Behind Furniture Extension Cord to Buy (2023)

7 Best Behind Furniture Extension Cord

Behind furniture extension cords are a common and useful way to supply power to electrical devices. But, in any case, if they are not used properly, they can become fire hazards and pose dangers to your well-being.

 Most Popular Behind Furniture Extension Cord 

Listed below are some of the best Behind Furniture Extension Cords. This is so that you guys do not have to put yourself through the trouble of searching the internet.

1. GE Pro 6 Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector

GE Pro 6 Outlet Wall Tap Surge Protector

  • Additional Outlet – Surge protector wall tap features six grounded outlets, compatible with both 3-prong and 2-prong plugs.
  • Side Access Design – Adds flexibility to your outlets by allowing you to plug in your electronics in small, tight spaces.
  • You don’t have to worry about voltage spikes with the 1200 Joules Protection Rating.
  • Safe – Includes automatic shutdown technology to stop power to devices when surge protection expires; UL listed.


2. Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

  • The advanced surge protector is designed for the home office or professional workstation.
  • Advanced surge protector safeguards your personal computer
  • Superior power protection with a 4000 Joule rating


3. 7-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

7-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

  • 7-outlet surge protector power strip with 12 feet/3.6M cord
  • Prevents power surges from damaging computers, appliances, home theaters, and office equipment
  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty and protected by a $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranty


  • 2320 Joule-energy rating,
  • 6,000v maximum spike voltage,
  • AC 15A, 125V, 1875W


4. 2 Prong Power Strip

2 Prong Power Strip

  • Available in multiple beautiful colors
  • It’s got a cute chevron pattern that adds a decorative touch to any room, plus it keeps your cords and cables organized.
  • Flat Plug: You can put your furniture and media closer to the wall with the low-profile flat plug
  • Power More: Three polarized electrical outlets are suitable for table and floor lamps, appliances, phone chargers, and other electronic equipment
  • Extended Reach: An eight-foot power cable gives you maximum reach
  • Safety: When you’re not using your power outlet, you can lock it to prevent electrical shock


5. Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

  • 12-outlet surge protector power strip with 4320-joule energy rating
  • This device protects electronics from power surges that can damage computers, data lines, TVs, etc.
  • The LED lights indicate that the wiring is grounded and surge protected
  • A fireproof MOV provides extra protection against surges and spikes.
  • The power on/off switch integrates with a 15Amp overload resettable circuit breaker.
  • The power cord is 8 feet long, the outlets are widely spaced, and the wall-mounting keyhole is on the back.


6. Philips Accessories 3 Outlet 3 USB Surge Protector Extension Cord

Philips Accessories 3 Outlet 3 USB Surge Protector Extension Cord

  • Power Station – With Philips 3 Outlet 3 USB Surge Protector Extension Cord you can power any electronic device with both outlets and USB ports.
  • Designer Cord – Designed to match any office, dorm, or home decor, this braided extension cord is tangle-resistant.
  • Flat Plug – You’ll have more space for furniture or media with the flat plug’s discreet design.
  • It’s easy to see if your electronics are powered with the indicator light that shows the surge protector is functioning.
  • Ratings – 125VAC, 13A, and 1625W are the electrical ratings on this Philips surge protector extension cord, and 3.4A is the USB rating.


7. Westinghouse 96021 Strip 6-Outlet 2-USB

Westinghouse 96021 Strip 6-Outlet 2-USB

  • 6 grounded outlets
  • 2 USB charging ports, 2.4A Total
  • LED surge status indicator
  • Tangle-free fabric braided cord
  • Right angle low profile flat plug extension cord


What makes extension cords a security risk?

  • If the extension cord is covered, heat cannot escape and could cause a fire.
  • Ensure extension cords are visible; if there is any chance of this happening, do not wander into heavily marketed areas. They can be a safety concern for people walking through the space.
  • When using an extension cord, avoid the potential risk of electric shock. It’s critical to ensure that it’s not in water or snow. If you plan to use an outdoor extension cord outside, Make sure the cord is made for outdoor use.
  • Moreover, keep in mind that extension cords are expected to be temporary wiring arrangements. If you find yourself using them frequently, consider refreshing your home’s electrical framework.

Choosing extension cords

  • Buy only cords that an independent testing laboratory has endorsed.
  • For outdoor projects, only use cords intended for open-air use.
  • See the guidelines (if available) for details about the cord’s proper use and the level of force it draws.
  • Select cords compatible with the wattage of the devices they’ll be used with. A line’s check shows its size: The higher the number, the thicker the wire & cable, and the more electrical flow the line can securely handle.
  • Consider the length you’ll require. Longer cords cannot carry as much current as shorter cords of a similar size.
  • Pick cords with encapsulated or three-prong outlet plugs.
  • For massive machines, thick, round, low-measure electrical ropes are ideal. You can utilize slender or level cords for more compact machines and hardware.

Using extension cords

  • Never cut an electrical string’s establishing pin to find a way into a two-prong outlet.
  • Try not to control many devices with one cord.
  • Never use additional indoor cords outside.
  • Make sure not to plug different cords together.
  • Try not to run electrical cords under carpets or furniture.
  • Never tape electrical cords to floors or connect them to surfaces with staples or nails.
  • Try not to twist or curl strings when they’re being used.
  • Cover unused cord outlets with childproof covers.
  • Quit using cords that feel hot to the touch.

Caring for extension cords

  • Continuously store cords inside.
  • Whenever you’re not using an extension cord, unplug it.
  • Discard harmed cords.
  • Reassess the device, not the cord, while disengaging from the power source.


What is the difference between an extension cord and a wall outlet?

They’re also flat instead of round, which makes them more susceptible to wear.

What is an indoor extension cord?

Indoor extension cords, also called power strips or power distribution units (PDUs), allow you to plug in multiple devices simultaneously.

Suitable for computers, TVs, stereos, microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other electronic equipment. Indoor extension cords can be used indoors or outdoors.

What are the benefits of a flat cord?

Ideally, you should choose a cord that is flat and low-profile in order to accommodate your furniture.

How Long Should You Measure Your Extension Cord?

To avoid these issues, it’s best to buy a cord that’s longer than you actually need.

 How do I remove a dangling Cord?

Dangling cords disappear quickly when you anchor them to the silhouette of the nearest furniture.


The following list of best behind furniture extension cords should give you a good idea of which is right for you. In addition, make sure that you check the length of the cord to ensure that it is long enough to reach all of the places you need it to.

The last thing you should do to keep your cords looking as good as new is to use a cord protector.