Our Team

Our Team

Hey there, beautiful people! We are two sisters Marium and Sophia, and we are so happy that you’re here on our blog! From a very young age, we’ve always loved to write be it an article, prose poetry or just penning down my day in our diary.
Our mother has always motivated the inner creative being in us and always pushed us to make a way to bring that out. Also, we both are animal lovers and keep an open eye on our surroundings if some lovely friend needs help. Together we have rescued a few kittens and are today a mother of one of them. His name is Simba and we cannot imagine him not being around us and he is also such a cutie always giving out all the love in the world.

This blog is also a form of us trying to put our talent to good use. We are very proud when we say that we are self-made individuals who never follow the way of the book rather think outside of the box and make things work (or maybe not sometimes failure is indeed a better teacher than success).

Other than writing all the digital graphics, you see on our website is all done by Sophia since art and creativity have no specific form or name.

Furniture Flood is our eldest blog child as we would love to call it. It will always have a special space in our hearts no matter wherever we go in life and how much we achieve. The name of the blog was chosen by our mom, who is an artist herself and oil painting is her first love.

Sophia: Why a website for furniture? I am an introvert and home is where I spend most of my time. So basically that would mean for me my home should be a space where I feel most comfortable and at ease. And as there are a lot of elements that collectively make a warm cozy house and for me, furniture lies at the central spot of all those elements. At furniture flood I try to help people with How to, Decor ideas and Best picks regarding furniture. My aim is to give people the best possible and most authentic information which is always up-to-date. Oh and I almost forgot that I have two amazing siblings Mary and Daniel who sometimes write blogs on this website when I’m busy doing other projects such as web development, Pinterest Marketing, or making Printables.