Whitewashing Laminate Flooring

Whitewashing Laminate Flooring

Whitewashing Laminate Flooring

Planning on ripping off your laminate wood flooring? Um, then I would suggest don’t. Instead, save them and follow along as I show you this amazing way of breathing in fresh life into your laminate wooden flooring. I never really thought that I would be whitewashing laminate flooring but trust me it is worth the work! And my floors turned out beautifully having a classic vintage look.

Let us begin!

First things first get everything out, vacuum it, get your drum sander ready and let us get rid of all the years of grime in all of your rooms.

Step 1: Sand the Floors

If there is some sort of damage due to water or anything else then sanding the floors will give you a fresh space to work on. So do plane your floors for a better result.

For Sanding:

When you are sanding your floors with a drum sander you cannot stop and hold still. If you need to stop and think about what you are doing then you need to pull the sander blade up off the floor. There is a lever that lifts it up so it is not sanding because if you do sit in one spot it is going to put a divot on your floor so make sure that you lift the drum sander or stop the belt when you are doing this.

So you are going to do passes with three different types of sandpapers. Starting with the roughest sandpaper, then you are going to go just a little bit better, and then you are going to finally smooth it off with the 120.

Sanding Step 1: 60 Grit

Sanding Step 2: 80 Grit

Sanding Step 3: 120 Grit

Step 2: Sand the Edges

After sanding the floors with a drum sander you need to sand around the edges because the drum sander just does not get that close.

Step 3: Mix Paint

So the ratio of the paint to water will be 1:1

Step 4: Start Painting

So although it completely depends on your choice of white color, I love Valspar interior eggshell, the pink color is white dove. You should make sure that the color goes well or contrasts well with the color of your walls.

For texture: Roll Paint & Wipe

I loved how the look turned out when I rolled the paint on the flooring and then wiped it off with a gentle hand. Rubbing it in with a cloth is the best way to achieve a classic look. And the cloth needs to be really nice and wet. Another tip from my side is that do not look for a perfect look, the best is that it will look worn out and weathered.

Repeat Steps for all Floors!

Go ahead and repeat all the above steps with all the floors.

Sealing Disaster

In order to avoid a sealing disaster that will ruin all the hard work that you have done up until now make sure you choose the right sealer. DO NOT USE AN OIL BASED SEALER!

 An oil-based sealer will dissolve the paint so I used Polyurethane to seal them. And I absolutely loved the look.

I am putting the links for the brush and polyurethane below for you guys.

Whitewashing Laminate Flooring

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View on Amazon

Last Check

  • So there are three different types of sanding papers that you will be using 60, 80, 120
  • Remember to use a very damp rag when you rub the whitewash after rolling the paint. It works so much better that way.
  • Then you need a sealer to seal the white wash and perfect the look
  • Lastly, it will take time and effort but trust me guys it is all worth the effort and better than actually dumping your old flooring and getting new ones installed.