What kind of paint to use on outdoor furniture

What kind of paint to use on outdoor furniture

Painting outdoor furniture is a really fun activity or task you could do alone, with your friends or even family. It’s a very relaxing process where you get to use your own creativity and imagination and you get to choose from a different array of colours from warm, neutral or even vibrant bright tone shades which is always an exciting project. But sometimes you get stuck and ask yourself what kind of paint to use on outdoor furniture? No need to stress out any more because Furniture Flood is here to assist you and make all your worries go away.

Now before we start the painting process a few things we need to keep in mind a few things which are:
1. Prepping your outdoor furniture.
2. Types of Paints to use on our outdoor furniture.
3. The Painting Process.

Prepping your outdoor furniture

Tools Required
  1. Cleaning appliances like Microfiber cloths, Outdoor furniture spray etc
  2. Scraper
  3. Sand Paper of varying Grit sizes that you can choose to your preference I recommend 150 grit sand paper.
  4. Brushes
  5. Primer
  6. Paint
  7. A sealant or Top coat
  8. Plastic Sheet for easy cleanup
Assess your outdoor furniture

To start off you need to check out the state of your furniture whether it’s brand new or used and what state it’s in because depending on what state your furniture is we can start the painting process that will last a long time on it. So please take a look at the outdoor piece of furniture you’re trying to decorate and check out it’s cleaned up and ready to go for painting.

Cleaning your outdoor furniture

This is the most basic step but is probably the most important because only after your outdoor piece of furniture is cleaned the paint will stick to like a glove, That will leave you with a perfect paint job by the end of it.

Take an outdoor furniture cleaning spray, choose one of your own likings as long as it does the job. Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean off any dust or residue that may be on it, after that spray the outdoor piece of furniture with the spray and use a microfiber cloth and clean your entire piece of outdoor furniture so it’s spotless.

In the case of having Metal outdoor furniture, take a quick look if rust is collecting on your outdoor furniture there are two ways you could clean that.
1. Using chemicals to remove the rust of the metal furniture.
2. Using a sanding machine which will scrub off and grind the rust right off without any chemicals.

You can also have a look at how you can rejuvenate or restore the metal on your outdoor furniture here: How do I rejuvenate the metal on my outdoor furniture.

Removing and Scraping off old paint

Using a scraping tool for the old paint remove any paint that may be coming off the furniture if there is no paint coming off you can skip the scraping step.

After you are done with that step, take sanding paper and sand down the entire piece of furniture this will help out tremendously because when you apply the new coat of paint it will even out properly and get evenly distributed on your outdoor piece of furniture.

Types of Paints

Before choosing any type of paint, choose a Primer to help even out the base of the furniture so when we start applying the paint on it we get the full effect of our paint and it’s colour.

1. Spray Paint

One of the most common types of paints people use is Spray Paint because it’s easy to use and even sticks to furniture really well especially metal furniture. I would absolutely recommend Spray Paint when it comes to metal. There are some Spray Paints specifically made for outdoor furniture as well but when it comes to wood furniture it is a bit tricky using spray paint properly but if it’s just a fun project Spray Paint does a really good job.

2. Regular Paint

When you are dealing with wood outdoor furniture the best choice is using a regular can of paint with a brush because it helps you apply the paint evenly and with the help of the coat, you can go over the coats a few times for even and complete opacity of the paint.

There are different finishes of paint that you can choose from which are the following:

1) Matte finish paints

This is not the best choice for outdoor furniture since it is matte and hard to clean.

2) Satin finish paints

These paints look really nice on outdoor furniture since they aren’t completely matte but aren’t shiny either. You can clean them with ease as well.

3) Glossy finish paints

If you like your furniture having a sheen to it or a glossy finish you can use this finish it’s also a good choice it’s easy to clean and easy to manage.

You can choose any colour of the paint but what matters the most is what finish suits the outdoor furniture the best so choose the colour at ease. We can find any type of paint colour in any finish these days so you don’t need to worry about that. You can even have a custom colour made to your liking when requested at your respected paint stores.

Painting process

Now that we’ve prepped our furniture and chose the paint colour and paint finish of our own choice. Layout a sheet of plastic so the paint doesn’t get everywhere and since we’ve already done the prep work apply the primer first,  once that is dried check you can start painting with your selected paint, don’t oversaturate your paintbrush with paint or dip the paintbrush all the way in the paint can this will make the paint bleed and your furniture will not be evenly coated instead it will get thick and your paint job won’t be good.

Keep in mind:

1. Apply thin even coats of paint.

2. Let them dry and repeat if necessary for full opacity.

3. Once your outdoor furniture piece is dry, use a sealant to seal the paint in. This will help your paint job last a long time.


So there you have it, your precious piece of outdoor furniture revamped with a fresh new look. And all it took was a little creativity and some prep work. Yes, buying new furniture is nice but painting and using your own imagination to create something new is a very fulfilling feeling as well.

I hope we made everything easier for you and now you won’t have to worry about what kind of paint to use on outdoor furniture. But still, if you have any queries you can comment down below and let us know we’ll be more than happy to assist you????.

Have fun and enjoy your new outdoor piece of furniture.

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