Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room to Buy in 2020

Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

Modern Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

2020 marks the end of an era. The ideal time to change your old, worn-out living room sofa set and refresh your place with up-to-date furniture. Are you looking for modern sofa set designs for your living room? Look no further!! In this blog post, you will find modern sofa set designs for living room to buy in 2020 for every budget, color, shape, size, fabric, and material that go perfectly with the interior of your living room.

A modern sofa set is the center of a living room around which the whole decor is created. Therefore, it’s important to consider both comfort and aesthetics while choosing the sofa set especially if you are the type who does not frequently shop for furniture.

Here is a list of modern sofa set designs for your living room that goes with any type of decor.

Loveseat Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Loveseats what a beautiful name given to a sofa and what a wonderful way to actually begin our blog post. Loveseats as evident from its name are made for only two people to sit on. They are also a very important piece of furniture as often we have some empty space where a regular sofa cannot fit so a loveseat considering its small size fits perfectly and adds a defining tone to the living room. So what are you waiting for this is one piece of furniture you should buy without even having second thoughts and make a cup of coffee for you and your soulmate and have a warm sip with a sweet cozy talk on your very own loveseat sofa set.


Armless Modern Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Houses have become an expensive investment and as a result of which we need to be a little creative to make our small space look open and bigger. So in order to do this armless modern sofa are the best thing one can do. This will help you achieve a wider look in your living room. The modern armless sofas are also a great option when you have a regular income of guests or friends as more people can scoot over this comfy sofa set and make themself feel warm without any sofa arms getting in their way or making them feel tight.

Tufted Sofa 

modern sofa set designs for living room

Tufted sofa with its distinctive and curvaceous shape reflects simplicity with mid-century modern character and embodies retro intrigue and sophistication which makes it a perfect sofa set for the living rooms of all types. For effortless coordination, it also includes the appealing herringbone print throw pillows. There are plenty of color coordinates available in this mid-century style sofa that compliments your living room if you ever decide to be a bit creative. So what’s stopping you from making your living room memorable with the tufted sofa. So shop now and experience the taste of royalty with this amazing tufted sofa.

Skinny Fat Condo Sofa


modern sofa set designs for living room

Whenever choosing a piece of furniture we look for comfort the most and then comes its color and design. So if you are looking for a comfortable sofa set that will fit your space perfectly and has modest looks then a skinny fat condo sofa is what you need. The skinny fat condo sofa anchors the modern decor in any small living room. Side cushions of the sofa set fit perfectly between slim arms and slanted back cushions, creating ample space for the armrest. Get the skinny fat condo sofa set and invite your friends over for some fun over coffee.

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Love the fusion of vintage and contemporary themes then this velvet chesterfield sofa set is a perfect fit for you. This sofa set is a dream come true for people who love the style of classic chesterfields but want something more contemporary with a touch of elegance. The velvet chesterfield sofa has chenille upholstery, reversible seat cushions, and matching lumbar side pillows. Reversible cushions create ease in distributing fill while decorated tufted back adds a fancy touch to it and the lumbar pillows provide comfort and style.

Modernica Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

The simple and sleek design of Modernica sofa set is an eye-catcher. The minimalist trend is in fashion as it looks beautiful with every interior. Modernica Sofa sets come with dozens of upholstery and finish combinations to choose from according to your liking and comfort. Modernica sofa sets look great in any kind of modern interior and will make you feel at home in a space inspired by futurism, and contemporary Scandinavian style. Owing to their shape and seating capacity, modernica sofas tend to be focal points in a living room.

Sherman Arm Chair

modern sofa set designs for living room

Why not get a little creative with our sofa look and incorporate in it a beautiful Sherman armchair. Amidst all three to four-seaters, the Sherman armchair would look perfect on the side and also add a more visually appealing look to your living room. It is not only comfortable but also very modern in its look and I am sure that your friends and family especially the introverts who love to sit in their own personal space would love the idea of a Sherman armchair in your lounge.

Mid-century Style Futon 

modern sofa set designs for living room

Since this blog post is not only for big houses or apartments, let’s have a look at some sofa sets that fit in small spaces. This sofa set serves a double purpose as it can lay flat and can be converted into a comfortable spare bed for unexpected guests. The stylish material and shape make it a worthy choice for all kinds of decor themes. Since it folds backward instead of pulling out, it can sit conveniently next to your favorite pieces of furniture. So you do not have to worry about space as well anymore now.

Transformer Sleeper Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

If you were amazed by mid-century style futon sofa set, just wait until you see what this sleeper sofa set can do. The single chair can slide either left or right, unfold into a lounge or bed when overnight guests arrive. The sleeper sofa can also come together to extend the main body of the couch. The small tables that accompany the sleeper sofa sets are super useful for books or morning coffee. So set the tone for your contemporary living room with this beautiful convertible sofa set with polyurethane padding and upholstery that adds comfort to the seating. And lay back with your loved ones and enjoy the comfort.

Modern sectional sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Modern sectional sofa set has got all you need for your living room. The unique sectional sofa is something completely different from all of the sofa types discussed earlier. The creative shape and pattern of the sectional sofa set will define any space it occupies. This is not just it, the modern sectional sofa sets come with plenty of storage space as well for books, and movies.

Another variety in sectional sofa sets is the unique circular sectional sofa set which comes with five pieces that you can rearrange at will. The middle portion can serve as an upholstered table while the end pieces can pull away and double as extra seating for guests.

Modern Leather Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Leather sofas have been an all-time favorite of those who have a classic taste in furniture. The glossy look of leather makes it stay there in your eyes and is so welcoming that no one can ever resist buying it. Leather sofa sets are also a popular choice these days because of their smooth and clean design. As contemporary styles are based on the minimalist trend which aims at a balance in your concerned space which should nor be too crowded nor should it feel empty. A leather sofa gives out an open vibe which gives your living room a more balanced look without too much furniture.


On this note, the blog post comes to end and it was such a lovely discussing the different types of modern sofa set designs for living room with you guys. So what was your favorite type do let me know below in the comment box below and we can see if our likes match or not. Sofa sets no doubt are a very basic element of every household and gives a defining look to your living space and are pretty expensive at times so you do not buy them every other day. Keeping that in mind whenever you shop for a sofa set do a thorough research bearing in mind your taste and buy accordingly. Design for sure is important but you should also make sure that the space where you wish to put that sofa set is right for the size of your sofa and you are not overcrowding your space because, to be honest, no one wants to bump their feet or knee to a sofa because the pain is real.

Today through this blog post I hope that I was of some help to you for selecting a sofa set for your living space and there were plenty of good options to choose from. That was some productive talk there but no matter how much we say there are always some things left unsaid so if there is anything that you want to let us know do comment down below. I will be more than happy and pleased to assist you with your query. That’s it from my side take looks of good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe, stay blessed beautiful people. ????

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