Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture Living Room

There are different plan topics you can take your pick from when we talk about inside plan, as — Contemporary, Bohemian, Industrial, Traditional, Eclectic, Victorian and Modern Furniture.

Today the hotly debated issue of conversation is the means by which one can blend two altogether different sorts of furniture styles and still make the home look tasteful.

Before we jump into the tips and deceives of combining the diverse furniture styles as one — to be specific Modern and Traditional for this situation, we should attempt to see each style top to bottom first to get a reasonable image of the premise of both stylistic layout types.

Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture Living Room

Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture Living Room

Mixing Modern and Traditional Furniture Living Room

Present day Décor

In basic terms, current stylistic theme is ordered as changing present day craftsmanship into inside plan by making a progression of things and furniture in your homes.

Here are a couple of prevailing attributes in Modern Décor –

Straight Clean Lines

Current Design is involved a great deal of perfect and straight lines absent a lot of extra subtleties and complexities as far as plan and style. The lines of furniture in present day configuration are more keen and crisper and are seen a great deal in furniture that is put outside the house on entryway patios or terraces. You can undoubtedly purchase open air furniture online which resounds with present day plan.


Utilization of metal

Chrome and tempered steel have a major impact in the cutting edge plan. Rather than created metal, cleaned metal is utilized in its place. This metal is fused in furniture as the legs of a table, the casing of a seat or the edge of a bed. Chrome is additionally utilized broadly all through the homes for door handles, fixtures, lights and railing (if any in the house).



Present day configuration puts stock in the thought of ‘toning it down would be best’. It dodges inordinate utilization of bureau trims, moldings or even splendid noisy tones.


Shading Palette

The tones utilized in the advanced plan are intense, yet they shouldn’t be confused with noisy. It implies that the shading range utilized reaches from an unbiased tone to shades of dark, white and dark.


Customary Decor

There is no severe rulebook for customary stylistic theme in light of the fact that, similarly as the name proposes, ‘conventional’ stylistic theme shifts starting with one nation or district then onto the next. Swedish stylistic layout is customary to Sweden, Iranian style inclines towards the Middle East and Indian style clearly grows from India.


Traditional Decor:

In this feeling of conservativism, we should discuss Indian Traditional Décor and talk about its significant components.


Shading Palette

Our country India is incredibly wealthy in its way of life with regards to praising celebrations, flavorful food, dialects and so forth In exactly the same manner, splendid and intense tones are the ideal portrayal of what a customary Indian shading range would resemble. This range would comprise of shadings like yellow, orange, red and surprisingly green.



Indian ornamental things are profoundly impacted by figures and sculptures comprised of stone, mud, metal and steel. These sculptures address creatures, divinities and Buddhas.



The upholstery that is utilized in Indian stylistic theme on beds and at times couches and seats has decorations on its end, perplexing plans and brilliant tones, satisfying the characteristic of the dynamic culture of our country.



The unmistakable material utilized for Indian conventional furniture is wood. You can have your bed outlines, tables, seats and even edges of couches comprised of wood. These dependable as well as solid and stay immortal with regards to style.


Floor coverings and Rugs

High quality floor coverings and rugs are extremely normal and generally utilized in this sort of conventional style. A wonderfully handmade floor covering can investigate your lounge up a couple of scores effectively, absent a lot of exertion.

How to Blend the Modern and Traditional styles

Since you have a reasonable thought of what both Modern and Traditional furniture resemble, how about we dunk into the thoughts and ways with which we can blend these two unique stylistic layout styles up and summon unadulterated wizardry into our homes.


  1. Modern Style — White dividers

Traditional Style — Wooden Coffee Table


You can have your parlors painted with an unmistakable white tone to make space look tranquil and enormous and to add a hint of conservativism, add a dim finished wooden end table. This effectively soaks up a conventional touch in a cutting edge home style.


  1. Modern Style — dining table with metallic legs and metallic edge for seats.

Traditional Style — Tealights.


Add a bunch of gliding tea lights in a metal bowl as a focal point on the eating table.


  1. Modern day Style — Black Walls.

Traditional Style — Colorful Folk Paintings.


Paint the dividers of your section of a little region in your home dark or ones of its shades and hang up a couple of striking vivid artworks on them.


  1. Modern Style — Bed with Metal casing and White covers.

Traditional Style — Pillows with splendid covers with themes and weaving.


For your room, you can have a plain basic bed, with a metal casing, covered with white covers and to give it a fly of shading, add cushions with brilliant hued themes and examples with point by point plans on them.


  1. Modern day Style — Abstract Paintings

Traditional Style — Deep hued dividers


Hang up dynamic moderate compositions on dividers that are profound yellow, orange or red in shading.

Blending two totally different styles of stylistic theme can be extremely overwhelming, however when you dominate and see each style in and out, the interaction turns out to be a lot simpler. These basic stunts should assist you with shaking things up a little in your homes and add some edge to it.