How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading

Having wood cracks are no doubt very ugly-looking and unappealing, especially when you have spent so much time and effort on your piece of wood and a crack ruin all your hard work!
Worry not because there is always a solution to any problem and for a problem like stopping a crack in wood from spreading there are several simple and easy solutions which I have explained in detail below.

How to Stop a Crack in Wood from Spreading

Cracks in wood are common and can appear on any part of the wood. There are many methods to prevent this. However, in order to fix the cracks there are a few things you must know, so let’s discuss those first…

What Causes Wood to Crack?

Cracks in wood are mainly caused when moisture from rain infiltrates the wood, causing the wood to expand, and from there the wood dries from warmer weather, causing the wood to shrink. This on-and-off growth and shrinking cause long ugly cracks and ruining the look of the wood.

Do Wood Cracks Outspread?

It depends. If you will not treat the cracks with the right solution, the crack will definitely continue to spread. However to prevent this be sure to follow the right guidance and treat the wood crack with a good solution!

How to Fill Cracks in Wood

Below are the two most easy and simple methods from which you can stop a crack in wood from spreading by filling those cracks.

Method 1: Using Wood Putty or Filler Sticks

Wood putty is the most popular and effective way to fix wood cracks.

  • Buy a filler compound:

First things first you will have to buy a filler compound that’s the same color as the wood. It would be great if you can find crayon-shaped wood filler sticks or wood putty. If you cannot find it from your nearby home improvement store you can always search for it online because we all know there is nothing that’s not available online!

  • Apply the Filler:

Now that you have the wood putty or filler sticks it’s time to fill those into the cracks. If you’re using wood putty you can use a chisel or a putty knife that can help to spread the material perfectly and evenly over the crack.

For a filler stick, simply push the stick into the crack and use your finger to rub and spread it as needed.

  • Overfill the crack:

The next step is to overfill the crack with filler material and for that, you will have to continue applying it until there is no more space left in the crack and the filler comes out top of the crack. It will look uneven and ugly at this point but I promise you we will make it look beautiful together ????

  • Smoothing the filler:

Time to make the filler cleaner, smoother and beautiful. For this, you will have to make a quick move before the material dries on the wood. Smoothen the filler with a putty knife and flatten it out as much as possible. No need to worry if you don’t have a putty knife, you can grab a rag and run it over the crack or you can even use your finger. Just make sure that the rag you are using is clean in order to avoid introducing debris.

  • Drying time for filler: 

The last step is to make sure the filler drys completely. You can leave the wood filler for 9-10 hours so that it can be dried out perfectly. You can also check the label of the product that you are using to see if they have provided any recommended wait time. Just to be on the safe side, leave the wood for 9-10 hours or even overnight to ensure the filler dries perfectly and completely.

  • Final Cleaning:

Lastly, sand down all the excess filler. Blend all the cracked area with a plane or fine-grit sandpaper and clean away all the filler until it becomes even and flat.

After doing these steps you will have a nice looking piece of wood without any cracks! There is not a single chance you will have any cracks in your wood that will spread and make your wood furniture look ugly again.

Method 2: Using Glue And Sawdust

This one is the method that I personally prefer to use, the glue and sawdust method because this one is the easiest and when you are finished you can barely tell there was even a crack there before.

  • Get sawdust:

Make sure to match the color and type of the wood and the sawdust. Why match the color and type of wood? Because sawdust is used in covering the white glue and blending in all the cracks, so it is best to match the wood that you are using as much as possible. To make it easier for you, you can also get some sawdust from the same wood by sanding or sawing it.

  • Squeeze wood glue:

Grab a bottle of wood glue from a nearby store. Press and squeeze the nozzle into the crack until the glue fills the entire crack starts to overfill the crack.

You can also use a syringe for smaller cracks to ensure the wood crack is entirely filled with glue and gets all the way down inside the crack.

  • Applying sawdust:

Now next step is to apply the sawdust over the glue to completely cover it. Even out the glue and sawdust mixture with your finger to ensure that the sawdust is in place with the glue. Once you’re done, you will see how perfectly the sawdust has hidden the glue and has blended in with the entire wood.

  • Drying time:

For the best results, I would recommend you to leave the glue to rest there overnight and dry completely. When the glue that you applied is completely dried, you yourself will not be able to tell if there was even a crack that ever existed! it will be that hard to see.

Still, if see any sign of a crack, you can apply a second layer of glue and sawdust (repeat this method again) to get rid of that crack!

  • Smoothing surface:

Finally, smooth out the crack with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper. Carefully even out the treated area until it becomes flat and smooth.


I know these methods might seem a bit time-consuming but trust me this is noting it only takes you an hour or two to do this apart from the drying time that’s it.

If you ask me I would always go for a quick fix, and that the second method Using Glue And Sawdust.

Wood putty or wood filler sticks are also easy to use and is an effective way of covering over wide cracks but I don’t prefer this much because I don’t have much time so I like to make it fast and go for the other method.

You can use any one of these two methods whatever suits you the best and I promise you you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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