How To Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Table

How To Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Table

How To Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Table

One of the pieces of furniture that a lot of us homeowners love to own is dining tables preferably made out of wood because it gives a very homey feel to the house you’re living in. It’s like that last puzzle piece that brings everything together and completes it.

From holding regular family dinners, parties, and events it does take a toll on our wood dining tables because we place so many different types of items on them and scratches do occur of varying sizes which may happen due to accidents. This may leave you thinking about how to remove scratches from wood dining table that you love with all your heart right? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered in this article!

Scratches on wood dining tables vary in different sizes and the dents may be minor or major. So depending upon the type of scratch we have different ways to remove them.

Some of the different ways to remove diverse types of scratches on your wood dining table have been discussed below:

Tools That You’ll Need

These are some items you’ll need to deal with all different types of scratches:

  1. Microfiber Cloths
  2. Paste Wax
  3. Olive oil or any essential oil of your preference
  4. Lemon juice
  5. White vinegar
  6. Sanding paper preferably 600 grit
  7. Steel wool
  8. Rubbing alcohol or thinner
  9. Wood stain or polish
  10. Nuts
  11. Vaseline

Clean the scratched area

Before we start off first things first is that we need to wipe down the entire surface of the wood dining table and give it a proper clean up because after we do that we’ll see the scratch marks more prominently so it’ll make it easier for us to fix the scratches.

Remove all unnecessary items like cups table cloths or any type of decorative objects from the dining table.

Take a microfiber cloth, use your preferred wood cleaning spray and wipe down the entire dining table top in circular motions this will help you remove any unnecessary grease and dust off of the surface of the dining table.

Types of scratches

How To Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Table

There are 3 main types of scratches depending upon their size and depth

  1. Small or surface-level scratches
  2. Medium or small dent like scratches
  3. Large or deep scratches.

1) Small or surface-level scratches

These types of scratches are pretty easy to fix because in this case, only the top layer of the wood dining table has gotten chipped which can be fixed in a few simple steps.

1. Using olive oil and white vinegar as a mixture is a pretty efficient way to fix up those little scratches just a few sprits of this and wiping it away instantly makes the scratches disappear. And leaves it shiny and spotless.

2. Having a mixture of lemon juice and water is pretty helpful as well to fix small scratches.

3 I personally just like taking a similar wood stain or polish with a brush and going over the dining table entirely which makes it look as good as new.

4 We can even use rubbing alcohol or a thinner which helps soften the scratched area and fills it in once you’ve left it overnight to settle in and as it is left it will harden and the scratch will be gone by the next day.

2) Medium or small dent like scratches

With small dents in your wood dining table, you have to remember to be gentle with it because we don’t want the already chipped surface to become worse.

After we’ve cleaned our dining table inspect the dent and use a sanding paper to sand the area very lightly, once that is done brush off the dust or wipe it off and use a wood stain or polish and voila it’s all good to go.

We can even use nuts like walnuts to fill in the small dents and it’ll be indistinguishable whether a scratch was there to even begin with. And we can go over with the olive oil mixture to give it a sheen.

Using vaseline helps soften the surrounding wood so fill the dent with vaseline leave it overnight and by the next day the scratch on your wood dining table will be gone.


Remember to be gentle with dented surfaces because if you are not careful you can cause the dent to expand so to avoid that keep things at a slow pace and do it one step at a time there is no need to rush the process.
The more control you have the better results you’ll get by the end of the entire process.

3) Large or deep scratches

How to get deep scratches out of wood table?

When it comes to large or deep scratches on your dining table there are two ways that you can fix it up:

1) Sand the entire area evenly with sanding paper, after that’s done use paste wax and fill in that area with the paste this will fill in the dent in your wood dining table and after that has completely dried use a wood stain or polish and go over that area with a brush and this will fix the dent completely.

2) Using the same process but after you have filled the area in with the paste wax use steel wool and buff it in; this will bring back the sheen to your wood dining table and have it as good as new. In this case, you can skip using a wood stain or polish.


When dealing with deeper dents take it one step at a time do not hurry and do all the steps in one go. Sand the surface, brush it off, let it take a minute and fill the dents in with the paste wax once you have put the paste wax in, let it dry completely before you move on to the next few steps to buff it in or to apply polish and when you have polished the surface let it dry completely and when it is dry give a quick clean up to the entire wood dining table this will even everything out so that nothing stands out unnecessarily.


How To Remove Scratches From Wood Dining Table

Must try out these DIY’s yourself and give it a fair shot it’ll have your wood dining tables looking almost as good as new by the end of it. So now you don’t need to panic about how to remove scratches from wood dining table! Because everything is fixable if you follow the right steps.


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