How to refill bean bag | Complete guide

How to refill bean bag

How to refill bean bag

Refilling A Bean Bag

As tedious as it may seem how to refill Bean Bag but it’s pretty easy to work and can be a fun little project that you could do with your friends and family. Just remember to stick to the instructions and take it one step at a time and you’ll be done in no time. By the end of it, your old flat bean bag will be as good as new making it seem like a brand new purchase.
So now let’s talk about ways to extend the lifespan of your bean bag and what types of fillings will be the best for refilling it and reviving it back to its original state.

Bean Bag Compression

The first question you might have is “ Why did my bean bag go flat in the first place.?” and the answer to that depends on the type of fillers used and how resilient and long-lasting they are so it really does depend on the quality of the fillers that have been used in your bean and that decides how long your bean bag will last.

The most common type of filler that you may come across are EPS beads which are the most commonly used in beans these beads have similarities with styrofoam. These beads have pockets of air in them and when they are compressed they end up reducing in size.

This compression happens when the bean bag is being used and sat on which is what usually happens to help the bean bag fit to your shape and cater to your comfort but over-time the compression of these beads and fillers flattens out the bean bag due to everyday use and a refill is necessary.

Inspect and Prep your Bean Bag

Before starting the refill, do a thorough inspection of your bean bag in case there are any signs of damage such as rips and holes in the fabric.
Make sure you purchase a bean bag cover that has an inner liner not only does it make your job easier it helps keep your bean bag spotless you can always remove the outer bean cover throw it in the washer give it a quick wash and get it cleaned while the inner bag remains intact while you clean the outer covers separately keeping in mind that these materials are washable.

Types of bean bag refill beads 

1. Expanded polystyrene (EPS):

These are the most common type of beads used as fillers in most bean bags and are relatively similar to styrofoam. They have a decent lifespan and are often found in other products such as disposable cups, packing cushions, etc.

2. Recycled EPS pellets:

These are an alternative to Virgin EPS pellets but compared to them they are much more environmentally friendly but the downside is that they need to be replaced every so often as they have a shorter lifespan.

3. Virgin EPS beads:

These are the best choice when it comes to choosing beads as fillers due to them being tougher and more resilient which leads to them having a longer lifespan and they are better than regular EPS pellets because those are lower quality compared to Virgin EPS pellets.

4. EPP Beads:

These are also known as expanded polypropylene, and it’s a type of polymer which is very strong and durable. They do not lose their shape like regular EPS pellets do over time but the downside is that they are highly flammable so these should be used with caution.

5. Compressed Foam or Shredded Foam:

This is one of the newest kinds of fills on the market, It is basically memory foam that has been shredded to smaller pieces or small foam blocks. Using this kind of fill does bring comfort but it isn’t as durable and ergonomic as EPS fills.

Now since we’ve done all the basic steps we can finally start on filling the bean bag just have a person helping you out because it’ll be easier to handle the bean bag that way.

Things You’ll Need

1. A helping hand from a family or friend.

2. A funnel to swiftly pour the beads into the bean bag through it’s unzipped area.

3. A vacuum cleaner, using a Dison would be better because that way you can save the beads or pellets that fell out.

4. Fillable bean bags because some bean bags can’t be filled so always check.

5. The preferred filling of your liking.

6. Use some baby powder to remove the static of the EPS beads.

Filling the bean bag

Make a small cut out at the end of the filler bag and put the funnel against it which will make it easier for us to pour the filling into the bean bag. Unzip your bean bag and start pouring in the filling carefully with the help of another person and when you’ve filled the bean bag to your liking whether you like it stiff or it being loose enough for you to fit into it is a personal preference. After the bean has been filled to your liking, zip it back up and give it a quick shake so that the filling can fluff up and be equally dispersed through the bean bag. 


Now all that’s left to do is for you to sit on your Refilled Bean Bag and air it out which will make it seem like you’re sinking into it but all that’s happening is your bean bag is getting into your preferred shape to fit your liking.

So there you have it now you can enjoy your newly filled bean bag to your heart’s content.

If there is any question or issue regarding how to refill bean bag, you can comment down below and we would be more then happy to resolve it.

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