How to protect reclaimed wood dining table

How to protect reclaimed wood dining table

How to protect reclaimed wood dining table

Are you also thinking of buying a reclaimed wood dining table either because of its worn, antique, and vintage look or just because its the current new trend in the market, or you may already have one at your place? In both scenarios, your main concern would be how to protect reclaimed wood dining table. This is exactly what we will be focusing on in this article.

Removing dust and water immediately

You can protect your reclaimed wood dining table by simply removing dust and water immediately as a liquid will wrap and discolor it. Wiping with a soft cloth or vacuuming can be helpful in removing dust and water and maintain the reclaimed wood dining table. Wash any food that comes in contact with the reclaimed wood right away as oil from food can cause stains on the furniture. Furthermore, do not let any hot tableware to come in contact with the reclaimed wood.

  • Make sure you have enough coasters and placemats whenever guests arrive. This is the best way to avoid ring marks.
  • Make use of hot pads before placing hot tableware on the reclaimed wood dining table. In addition, while writing, avoid your pen making impressions by using a pad underneath your sheet of paper.

Natural cleaners

The ideal cleaner will protect the wood, amplify its details, make its maintenance easier, all without affecting its integrity and character. Wipe your reclaimed wood dining table with natural cleaners using a soft cloth frequently or at least once a week. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they will not only damage your reclaimed wood completely when used but also leave behind residua as well that will cause dust to cling to the table.

  • Water and vinegar can be mixed together and can be used as a natural cleaner. You can also use other ingredients to make natural cleaners. Therefore, feel free to try out and see what works best for you.
  • Cleaners that contain ammonia should be avoided.

Place your reclaimed wood table in a shaded area

While looking for a suitable place for your reclaimed wood dining table make sure that the area does not get excessive sunlight and the reclaimed dining table is not hit by direct UV light. This is because direct exposure to UV light will cause the color and patina of the reclaimed wood to slowly change together with its texture. As a result, the reclaimed wood loses its integrity. Furthermore, in extreme cases, the direct sunlight might cause the reclaimed wood to crack. A crack in your reclaimed wood would be the last thing you want as you probably have spent a decent amount of money on it. Therefore, protect your reclaimed wood furniture from sunlight at all costs.

  • Make use of curtains and blinds to block direct sunlight.
  • Don’t place the reclaimed wood furniture outside.


Place your reclaimed wood furniture in an optimal humid room. Rooms that are hot and dry will cause the reclaimed wood to crack. Whereas humid and wet rooms will stretch the wood and cause it to denigrate. so what is the best temperature to keep a piece of reclaimed wood furniture? Reclaimed wood survives best in moderate temperatures around 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity around 50%.

  • During humid seasons a dehumidifier can come in handy just in case the place where you have placed your reclaimed wood furniture becomes too humid.


Most products that you would normally apply on wood to protect it will affect its natural look. Wax allows the natural variation of reclaimed wood to come through. Waxing every month for the first three months will be needed as it adapts to the heat of the surroundings. You can rest assured that it is very easy to wax.

Guide to waxing

  1. Before applying wax on reclaimed wood, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. To do this scrub your reclaimed wood with a nylon brush and soapy water.
  2. Once the wood is clean and completely dry, Take an old rag and apply wax on it or use a brush with natural and short bristles.
  3. Rub it on along the wood. Make sure it gets into all areas.
  4. Leave it for approximately thirty minutes.
  5. Use another rag to remove the unwanted wax and to give it a very light buff.
  6. A single, thin coat is enough.

TADA!! you now have reclaimed wood that is protected by an invisible finish but also has a light gloss that intensifies its look.

The soft surface wax provides over reclaimed wood has the additional benefit of not being ruined by fingerprints. Waxing is also a great way to remove any marks or cracks. Therefore, if you see any small crack appear simply wax over them, they will not make the crack disappear, however, it will help to maintain the wood.

  • Liquid or paste waxes, as well as finishing oils are also problematic: They will stain or color the wood fiber since these products have a tint which will make the nice grey color we’re looking for disappear.
  • Use wax which is thicker that does not penetrate the wood to avoid darkening the wood.
  • Never use any sanding or planing to clean the reclaimed wood, as it will completely remove the nice, grey patina which makes this wood attractive.


One way of weatherproofing your reclaimed wood is by using oil. Boiled linseed oil and tung oil are two oils that will not only protect your reclaimed wood but also these oils will help your wood glow more brightly. Pour some oil on the reclaimed wood and let it dry for at least thirty minutes before you apply another coat. The oil will need time to soak down into the surface before you can add more to it. After oiling your reclaimed wood, you might want to add a second sealer coat of the oil. The sealer coat will be dressed and covered over the pores of the wood to keep it from looking blotched.


Now finally you won’t have to rethink again how to protect reclaimed wood dining table. After following these tips and information your precious wood dining table will have a fresh new look.

We hope this article helped you and made everything clear for you to implement. But still, if you have any queries you can comment down below and let us know we’ll be more than happy to assist you????.

Have fun and enjoy your new glossy wood dining table.

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