How To Organize A Small House With No Storage

How To Organize A Small House With No Storage

How To Organize A Small House With No Storage

Do you also have a small house like me which clutters pretty easily and you are tired of getting stuff organized all the time? However, no matter how much you do it the house is always a mess due to lack of proper storage space.  Well, obviously a small space would clutter quickly but I like to think of it as a huge benefit. Because as the house clutters quickly you know that you have to tidy it up more often. That way you get saved from getting a huge amount of unnecessary things that you do not need and only add up to the clutter.

As with all small houses be it a rental or your own there tends to be less storage space as we cannot make cupboards all around the house in every room which will take up so much space. So we have to think outside of the box and make things work for us and cleverly make use of whatever space we have for storage. So let us together look at How To Organize A Small House With No Storage.

Tips for Organizing a Small House

The deal is that most of the time we assume that we need a lot of space in order for our house to be neatly organized and for everything in place. However, that is not true instead with smart solutions and clever storage ideas any small space can be well-organized. Let us look at some tips for doing so.

Tip #1 | Everything Has a Place

Everything in your house should have a designated area for it this tip goes for all sorts of houses but especially for small houses which tend to clutter quickly. I would consider a huge pro because as the clutter builds up quickly we tend to clean more often and that results in easy cleaning without having to do a lot at once.

Clutter will usually accumulate when things do not have a home and they are just lying around on the bed or sofa, or maybe just on the floor.

Tip #2 | Label Maker

You can do so by utilizing a label maker. This has made my life so much simple and easy as now I do not have to remember where everything needs to go. But still, the point is that everything in the house needs to have a specific space for it.

Now for small houses finding spots for all of those things may be a little tricky. So let’s dive in for extra options for that in the next tip.

Tip #3 | Ceiling Height Storage

A small house has less space width-wise for every room but why worry when we can bring to use the height available. I have added a shelf that goes right along with the top of the ceiling which is maybe a foot and a half from the ceiling and it adds instant storage in a space that previously had none.

See it is all about being smart and looking at where you have extra space that you can utilize. The next tip is also a result of thinking outside of the box.

Tip #4 | Utilize all Un-used Space

In my case, I did not have a coat closet and almost always there were coats lying all over the place which made it so frustrating to be there. So while taking some stuff out from my basement where I had an empty wall of the stairwell that leads down to my basement.

I hung up a coat rack and now I have a spot for all my coats to go right behind the door.

Over the Door Wreath Hanger

For some added storage I use a wreath hanger on the back of a closet door for some added storage. And I use it to hang grocery bags or other lightweight stuff like scarfs.

Tip #5 | Storage Under the Bed

The empty space under the bed is often times ignored and the only thing there is are toys or small stuff that gets rolled over. So I got myself under the bed Tupperware. I like the ones that latch closed and now under here my bed I can store all my extra bedding and sheets which before I had no place to put and I used to store them in my basement which was a hot mess.

It is not necessary to buy new stuff for storage you can utilize unused cardboard boxes as well.

Tip #6 | Opt for Medicine Cabinets

If you have your own house then you should go for medicine cabinets in the bathroom. Again it is all about bringing to use whatever space you have. Especially in the bathroom, it is so great to have one for items that you use every single day right in hands reach and the rest of the stuff can go in the closets or in storage where you do not need them all the time.

Such a simple thing but makes a huge difference with the small bathroom organization.

Tip #7 | Put Away As You Go

I know at times it is a bit difficult to do so however, you cannot let important storage areas be filled with clutter. Make a habit of keeping an eye on stuff that you do not need anymore either throw them away in the bin if they are completely useless or donate them. Or like seasonal clothes make sure you store them well so that they do not cause a mess and get mixed u with your clothes for daily use.

“One thing in, one thing out” technique is a great way to avoid clutter. Most people do that for their closet that if you buy a new dress or sweater an old has to go out of your collection. But this can be done for anything like toys, kitchen stuff, make-up, and anything else that you buy. Send them to donation or to a friend but just keep a check and make this a habit that whenever you get something new for your house another thing needs to leave.

Hacks for Organizing a Small House

Those were some general tips to help your house stay clutter-free now let us look at some ideas on how you can make some storage space for your house by cleverly using these hacks.

Idea #1 | Shoe Rack Hack

Open shoe racks make up for a great storage idea that can be used in a number of ways.

1. For organizing shoes

Obviously for storing and organizing your shoes as no one likes a front door having shoes lying all over the place. Buy a shoe rack that is in your budget and serves your purpose.

2. Bathroom under sink space

As far as my bathroom is concerned, one thing is that it is pretty small with no storage cupboards at all. So either I kept most of the stuff outside of the bathroom or it was simply a mess in there. However, with a shoe rack under a bathroom sink which had no storage space. It fits perfectly and holds all the bathroom essentials like towels, toilet paper, and bathroom cleaning products. I have one in each bathroom and they really are an inexpensive way to solve my bathroom storage problem.

3. Kitchen Bench

A small house comes with a small kitchen and that is where I love to stay and I mean who does not as it is all about the food there. So I like to keep it tidy and organized to save myself from a nervous breakdown whenever I am making something. I use the shoe rack on the kitchen bench and it not only looks beautiful but it helps me organize my stuff so well especially frequently used appliances like a kettle, sandwich maker, and to put a few more things.

4. Plant Rack

It absolutely makes a great plant rack both indoors and covered outdoors adding more color and freshness to your place without having to spend a lot of money.

Idea #2 | Drawer Organiser Shelf Hack


The only storage space that I did have in my bathroom was a built-in mirror cabinet above the vanity and it only had one shelf so a lot of space was going to waste. I used bamboo drawer organizers stacked them sideways and secured them with double-sided tapes in order to quadruple the shelf space for a super affordable and rental friendly storage solution.

Idea #3 | Book End Clothes Holder Hack

A book end closer is obviously meant for holding your favorite books in place however, we will get creative with them and use them to hold our clothes instead.

When my drawers are less than full I use a book end closer to keep my clothes in place so that they stay organized. No matter how I fold my clothes they always seem to fall when I take a clothe or two out. The book end slides in with the longer end below the clothes and it makes it so simple to keep t-shirts and folded clothes looking neat and organized all the time and not just on laundry day.

Mini-message boards:

Book ends also makeup as great message boards that you can use on your office desk. Good thing is that they are metal and you can use a magnet to keep receipts, to-do lists, or messages on your desk without needing a pinboard or sticking things to your wall. It is cute, affordable, and super practical.

Idea #4 | Spice Rack Hack (Utensil Organiser)

This hack is great for small kitchens and for those who love to cook just like I do. Hence, I want all my things in order so that cooking does not get frustrating.

I did not have enough drawer space to dedicate to spices and the cupboards are so narrow in my kitchen they are not suitable for the traditional spice rack shelves so I utilized the empty space above my microwave with an inexpensive utensil organizing tray. It is so easy to access them when I am cooking plus they take up no counter space or cupboard space as well.

Idea #5 | Magazine File Hack (Cutting boards)

Magazine files are big and spacious and can be used for multiple purposes. Moreover, they are a cheap way as well if you are running short on budget.

I use cheap plastic magazine holders to keep my cutting boards together where I can easily access them. Without the file holder, the smaller cutting boards tend to slip to the back of the space making it so difficult to reach for.

Idea #6 | Lazy Susan

One of my favorite items, when I am organizing my space, is to use lazy Susan. I pretty much use them everywhere under the sink for cleaning products, in the fridge for condiments, and in my higher cupboards for oils and vinegar.

Honestly, the uses for lazy Susan are endless and I find new uses for mine all the time.

Idea #7 | Bamboo Bath Mat Hack

This one is for the laundry area where again I have limited counter space. The laundry sink can be converted into a countertop with a cheap bamboo bath mat. Now I can keep all my laundry essentials at arm’s reach without having to bend over into the under-sink cupboard space whenever I need to wash a load of laundry.

Idea #8 | Command Strip Hack

This hack is especially for those who are renting a place and cannot drill holes freely on the walls. I have used command strips to attach so many things throughout my home from artwork, mirrors, hooks, and more and I have never had any issue with anything falling off the walls. Be sure to follow the weight guides and you will have no problems. I can also highly recommend using command hooks to keep all the things easily organized throughout your home especially if you have kids.

As kids constantly leave their bags, jackets, and caps all-around anywhere in the house which was a total mess by the evening. By having the hooks you have a designated easily accessible place to store them. Little kids who cannot reach the closet rails can easily hang their stuff on the hooks which is according to their height and can be changed as they grow.

Idea #9 | Triple Decker Storage Space

When you are tight on the storage you might want to utilize all the available space you have efficiently and in a way that also looks nice, practical, and clean. One way which I found was that to use double-decker and in some cases triple-decker storage. I use stacking organizers in the kitchen drawers, pantry cupboards and other storage areas to double and even triple my available storage space.

This is an absolute lifesaver if you are like me and you have really narrow and deep cupboards. They stack perfectly on top of each other and are lightweight and super durable. They also come with removable dividers so you can customize the space between each section and they make organizing awkward space cupboards an absolute relief.

Idea #10 | Tackle Box Hack

Tackle boxes are a great way to keep small items neatly organized. I have my letter board and lightbox letters sorted and stored neatly together in this so that anytime I want to change my letter board or my life box super easy when I feel like it.

These are also the perfect solutions for batteries, craft supplies, tech items, stationary and honestly, the list goes on. These are super affordable and you can buy them from anywhere and they are great for keeping small bits and pieces neatly organized.

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