How to make study table at home with cardboard

How to make a study table with cardboard

Can you make study table out of cardboard?

The answer is YES!

If you are looking for a study table for a better learning experience but cannot afford to purchase one because it is expensive. In today’s economy, we have thousands of children who cannot even dream of buying a study table. However, you do not need to worry as in this article we will teach you how to make study table at home with cardboard. Yes, you read it right a study table made out of cardboard.

The study table made of cardboard is not only lightweight but also useful for putting things on. The best part about cardboard is that you can also recycle the study table when it is no longer required. The cardboard study table is easier to move around as compared to a study table made of wood in case you decide to change your study room.

We explained 2 methods which you can follow and make a cardboard study table in a fun and easy way! ???? so let’s dive straight into it.

Method 1

First things first, gather the following material to make a cardboard study table:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Pencil 
  3. Scissors
  4. Scale
  5. Paper

Let’s get started without wasting any more time. You can buy cardboard easily from your nearby market or if you are lucky you’ll find one in your garage. Make sure that the cardboard you use is large enough for the required task. Unfold the cardboard by any side and turn it into a single piece. Make a rough sketch on the cardboard as shown so that you understand the final shape. Divide the cardboard into four parts as shown.

Steps to make part four

How to make a study table with cardboard

Image by Furniture Flood.

  1. Mark 7-centimeter-thick rectangle in the center of part four.
  2. Consider the point ‘A’ as shown in the picture as a middle point and make a 30° line to meet the central rectangle. 
  3. Make a parallel line below this line to meet point ‘B’.
  4. Repeat the steps for the other side as well.

Now take your cardboard and draw the same shape on it with mentioned measurements and cut this shape as shown. Bend all the markings shown in the picture. Make the cuts in the different parts of the cardboard as shown and follow the following steps to convert an ordinary cardboard into a study table.

  1. Bend part four onto part three, so that the cone will touch the end line of part two as shown in the picture.
  2. Hold the middle handle of part four and put it over the cut you made at the border of part two as shown in the picture.
  3.  Insert the cones in the vertical cut made inside of part two as shown.
  4.  These cones will come out on the back of these vertical cuts as shown in the picture.
  5. Fold these cones to make a grip as shown.
  6.  Fold part one over this grip like as shown in the picture which serves as the top of our study table as shown in the picture.

All done your study table is complete and ready for use. Place your books on the table and enjoy it.

Method 2

Gather the material listed below to make the study table from cardboard

  1. Cardboard
  2. Mailing tubes
  3. Sticky-backed plastic
  4. Glue
  5. Tape 
  6. Pen
  7. Knife

Cut the cardboard in a rectangular shape so as to convert it into the top of the table. Place one of the mailing tubes on the cardboard vertically so that it acts as a support on which the study table stands and trace around the bottom of the tube. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining three legs. Cut out four holes and put some glue around the outside edge of one end of a mailing tube. Then put some glue around the edge of one of the holes in the box. Stick the mailing tubes in the holes cut in the cardboard and make it stand upright. You can start using your table now if you want, but it will be strong once you allow the glue to dry overnight.

Your table might wobble once you turn it upright if the legs are of not the same length. In such a case figure out which leg is the shortest and then cut the other legs as well so that it does not wobble. Another way to fix this problem is to place cardboard under the shortest leg of the table and glue it. Let the glue dry. You might have to adjust multiple legs.


Make sure your holes are inside the line. You want the tubes to fit tightly into the cardboard. Don’t worry about making the hole too small as the edges of the cardboard will bend when you stick the mailing tubes in the cardboard. 

Since it is cardboard you need some kind of protective covering if you want to put drinks on it. For this, you can use plastic to cover the entire top of the cardboard. Use small strips of plastic to wrap around the corners and cover the gaps. 


A well-decorated and organized study table is necessary for productive studying. Keeping your study table organized is also very important, so make use of containers and drawers. You can decorate/organize your study table as you like and according to your own taste. However, the following are a few ways to help you out:

  1. Create fun patterns or use colorful tape to create a fun design on the top of your desk or on the side.
  2. Try putting frames of your loved ones as it will not only make you feel like it’s really yours but also put a smile on your face.
  3. Place a small potted plant if you want to add a touch of greenery.
  4. Wrap the top of the table with colorful paper.
  5. Hang a garland on top of your cardboard study table for a festive touch.
  6. Place an acrylic sheet on the top of your table and put pictures under it.
  7. Display a fancy calendar.
  8. Display inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and productive.
  9. Choose a good chair and lamp, let the light shine.
  10. Use fun mugs for keeping your accessories.
  11. Utilize arts and crafts.

We earnestly believe that one of you will use this article for your advantage and hope that your studies won’t suffer from the inaccessibility of the study table anymore.


Isn’t it a beautiful cardboard study table we just made together! ????

A beautifully decorated space not only looks pleasing to the eye but also tempts a person to work in that place. Likewise, a nicely decorated cardboard study table would not only look appealing but also generate your interest to work on it. There is nothing in the world that cannot be created with a little bit of passion and creativity as there is no stopping a human mind when it decides to run wild. So go! go! go! your cardboard study table is eagerly waiting for you.

If there is anything you want me to write on or a project we can work on together as teamwork is the best work do let me know in the comment box below. Stay safe stay happy beautiful people. ????

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