How To Make An Old House Look Modern

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

When you’re on a budget buying a brand new house is a luxury most of us can’t really afford. But don’t let that get you down because we can always go to the drawing board and spruce up our living space especially if it’s an old house.

There are a bunch of styles to choose from and there’s probably one that caters to your needs perfectly. But today we are going to talk about how to make an old house look modern.

By modern we do not mean that everything is super high-tec and new. Our approach is different from that it is very simplistic and gives our old house a new early to a mid-century modern look.

There are a lot of elements involved in making your old house look modern which have been discussed below:

Set up a Plan

Before starting your makeover set up a plan that you’d like to follow this will help you keep things in order. Take notes of how many rooms you have, bathrooms, the kitchen, living room etc. while also keeping in account the space you have to work with because some times you’ll have a lot of space some times there will hardly be any but since Modern interior designing is so simplistic it works well with small and large space. 

  1. Take note of the space your working with and what the conditions of it are.
  2. Treat it as a completely brand new space because you’ll most likely be working from scratch when you’ll decorate your old house.
  3. Have a budget setup because you certainly don’t want to overspend for things that we may not need.
  4. Have a neutral color palette that fits your taste. While working towards a modern style it’s the small details that complement the neutral tones.

Clean everything

Sometimes when you purchase an old house it comes with a lot of wear and tear, so that does require renovation but that’s okay because we wanted to redecorate, to begin with.

  1. Remove any old removable pieces of furniture, appliances that you can.
  2. Clean up all the dirt and grime that may have been left behind by the past owners.
  3. Remove any old hardware you can also remove old outlets.
  4. Choose a neutral color palette when it comes to painting your walls because that will highlight the little minimalistic details of your furniture and decor pieces.
  5. Paint all the walls in neutral tones while painting the trim in a contrasting color or shade to compliment your walls have a simple plain white ceiling this makes the room look expansive.

Choosing the paint is very important because it is what brings the entire theme of our house together especially if we want to change it from an old house to a new modern looking one.

Choosing a theme

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

When it comes to choosing a theme you should always go with lighter, pastel, or neutral tones. Painting the walls in white, light grey or even creme tones will always bring out that minimalistic modern look and to top it all of you can similar dark or light tone accent pieces that will definitely make your vision of a modern themed house come to life.

Having light-grey walls gives a very soft modern look and to compliment that we can add darker or even bright trimmed furniture, this will help bring the modern look to come together.

The Entrance

How To Make An Old House Look Modern
One of the most important and key locations to redecorate your old house into a new modern looking is the entrance and when it comes to selecting furniture and decorations for your entrance you should always opt for simple and detailed oriented furniture so it makes a statement.

Have a door painted in glossy paint because that will be the stable decorative piece that will pull everything else together, choose a simple shelf of your preference whether it’s a shoe shelf a closet it all depends on your personal taste, remember to add a fake or a real plant it makes all the tones brighter.

The living room

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

The living room is one space you want to be completely relaxed and comfortable in especially when it comes to modern houses, that’s the main look that homeowners go for when creating a modern living room.

  1. A big solid-colored couch.
  2. A coffee table with marble tops or glass tops.
  3. A warmed toned overhead light or a modern-looking chandelier.
  4. A plain solid-colored carpet or a fur carpet.
  5. Gold, silver, or even glass-like type of hardware for your furniture. Which includes knobs, handles, etc.
  6. Abstract paintings.
  7. A modern TV stand.

The Kitchen

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

Have cabinets with lighter finishes of paint with delicate-looking hardware this will give it a very seamless look and opt for wooden or marble countertops with lights installed under the top cabinets because that will definitely modernize your entire kitchen, use an electric stove because it is not only modern but it is also very eco-friendly.

The Bedroom

How To Make An Old House Look Modern

When it comes down to your bedroom, having a white framed bed with bright sheets works wonderfully with the neutral painted walls, mirrors are also amazing because it expands and makes your room look larger than it is, use light soft colored drapes for your windows, extra lights and lamps that are minimalistic are also a good choice to add to the aesthetic of your bedroom.

You can give your room your own personal taste to it while keeping it simple yet modern. Modern styled rooms are not only simplistic but they feel like the perfect place to relax, decompress, and think of our thoughts in a more organized manner since our brain is getting relaxed instead of being stimulated by our surroundings.


Having an old house turned into a modern house doesn’t mean the old architecture of our old house loses its touch if anything it enhances the look of that house but from a very modern perspective. I personally adore modern houses because we can appreciate the architecture of the house for what it is while keeping everything modern and simplistic. 

We look forward to hearing from your side and we hope that we made everything easier for you and now you won’t have to worry about how to make an old house look modern and that we gave you plenty of decorating ideas that will help you turn your old house into modern looking house! But still, if you have any queries you can comment down below and let us know we’ll be more than happy to assist you????.

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