How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Furniture

How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Furniture

Being a cat owner is all fun and games until your cat starts making your life difficult when they start peeing everywhere but you don’t need to fret because everything can be resolved by being aware of our cat’s behavioral patterns that may cause the peeing to begin with.

We will also talk about how to get cat pee out of furniture and how to get cat pee smell out of furniture.

Why did my cat start peeing.?

How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Furniture

Well the most simple answer to that question is that “Your cat has gotten territorial due to their hormones” what I mean by that is after your cat reaches a certain age whether they are male or female they go through heat and they want to find a mate so that they can reproduce this is all-natural and this is when they get territorial which leads them to mark their territory and they start peeing around the house and on the furniture.

The solution:

For male cats getting them neutered is the best choice this will drop their need to be possessive over their territory and they will eventually stop peeing.

For female cats getting them spayed also helps lower their hormones level and they stop going into heat.

If you don’t want your cat to get spayed or neutered get them a mate or companion so that they stop peeing on your furniture. But getting them fixed is recommended for their health because it’s good for them.

Yes, sometimes cats do pee due to being nervous about a certain change in their environment but to solve that you need to backtrack and see what might be causing stress to your cat and evaluate the change in their environment. Going to a behavioral specialist for cats is also a good way to learn what might be causing your cat to pee on the furniture.

Some other reasons could be that the litter box isn’t clean Or they have some type of medical issues for example when cats age some of them get arthritis which makes it hard for them to use the litter box which is why they have accidents outside of it.

Steps on how to get cat pee out of furniture

  1. Locate where your cat peed, it is very likely that they chose to pee on your sofas or your bed. Cats tend to gravitate towards this type of furniture or any other type of upholstered furniture that you may have.
  2. Do not let the pee settle into the furniture because that will make it harder to remove it. So once you’ve located where the pee is, use some paper towels so that it can absorb and soak up the pee.
  3. Before using the cat pee cleaner just simply soak the area with water and use paper towels again to soak up the water this will help remove any residual cat pee to make the cleaning process more effective but this is OPTIONAL.
  4. Do not rub that will make it worse, blot the area instead with paper towels.
  5. Avoid using cleaners with ammonia in them chances are that’ll make your cat want to pee in the same spot again.
  6. Some cat pee cleaners you can use are usually found at pet stores and you can even use enzymatic cleaners which are a great alternative to regular cleaners you get at the pet store.
  7. Once you’ve cleaned that spot with paper towels, use the preferred cleaning solution soak the peed area with the solution and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, use paper towels again to soak up the cleaning solution.
  8. You might need to repeat the above step several times because cat pee has a very strong odour so repeating the step will help remove the cat pee smell out of your furniture.
  9. Once you have completed those above steps you’ll have to let that spot dry completely. If you have cushions mattresses or even pillows that have been peed on the best way to let them dry is by keeping them out in the sun because these take longer to dry.

Types of cleaning solutions 

1) Enzymatic cleaners:

Some of the best cleaners are enzyme-based cleaners because not only do they help to get cat pee out of furniture but they also help to get cat pee smell out of furniture because these cleaners help kill the bacteria which causes the cat pee to smell and this helps your cat to avoid that area as well because they don’t smell their own pee from that spot so they do not pee in that area again.

2) Regular store-bought pet pee cleaning solution:

Store-bought cleaners are a good option as well because they’ve been specifically made for situations where your cat might pee on your furniture. Whether your cat pees on the surface of your wooden furniture or the fabric of your furniture but compared to an enzymatic cleaner when you use a store-bought pet pee cleaner your cat might pee on the same spot again because it might not remove the cat pee smell completely from your furniture which is one of the reasons why cats repeatedly pee on the same spot because they can still smell their own pee on that small spot, even if you can’t. However, you can still use them as a temporary solution until you get your hands on the enzymatic cleaners or if you find a store-bought pet pee cleaner which has the qualities of the enzymatic cleaners, it is better to opt them and use them.

How to use a pet cleaning solution on different types of furniture:
  • Wood furniture or wooden surfaces

Usually, when your cat pees on wood surfaces or any type of wooden furniture it is easier compared to cleaning fabric furniture because wood immediately doesn’t soak up cat pee so take some paper towels to clean up that spot and use that cleaning agent in a spray bottle and spray the entire area and use the paper towels again to clean the entire area. This completely removes the cat pee and cat pee odour from the spot.

  • Fabric furniture

You should follow the steps that have been mentioned above as the fabric furniture is harder to remove cat pee and cat odour because fabric absorbs cat pee at a faster rate.

3) Homemade cleaners or cleaning solution:

If you don’t have a pet pee cleaner at your place? No need to panic at all every household does have water and a bottle of vinegar. It usually removes the stubborn stain caused by cat pee from your white fabric or bedding and also helps with the cat pee smell as well. Another alternative is baking soda when your cat pees at a certain spot on your fabric furniture use a decent amount of baking soda and cover the whole area where your cat might have peed. This will help absorb the cat pee and also help remove the odour of the cat pee. Once you’ve done that step soak the area in water and repeat the process of applying the baking soda a few times but do not overdo it as baking soda can be acidic. This is a very good alternative as a homemade cleaner if you don’t have at hand an enzymatic cleaner or a  store-bought pet pee cleaner at your place.

The Bottom line

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you as an owner take care of your cat because it is more so our responsibility to take care of our cats’ needs and how to adapt to their environment so that we learn to co-exist with them. That way both the owner and the cat are able to live in peace. So do follow the steps mentioned above and let us know about your experience.

I hope this article guided you on How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Furniture if you still have any confusion or doubt anything you are most welcome to comment down below and we’ll make sure to help you out in the best possible way! ????

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