How to get cat hair off furniture

How to get cat hair off furniture

How to get cat hair off furniture

How to get cat hair off furniture.?” or if we’re being general “How to get pet hair off of the furniture” is a frequently asked question that crosses the mind of every pet owner once they get a pet themselves whether that pet is a cat or a dog.

Some of the tricks that I have used have helped me a great deal with my own felines fur which has made my life easier because not only is my house clean as of recently I can proudly say I also feel fewer fur strands tickling my face which has finally given my senses time to relax and be at ease.

We as pet owners always look for ways to deal with the shedding that comes along with the fur of our beloved fluffy pets. So as a Cat owner myself, I’d like to share those tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years even the dog owners and other pet owners can give it a whirl and see if it works for them as well.

Identify The Type Of Furniture

Before we start cleaning the fur that’s been shed we need to identify and see what piece of furniture it is because each furniture piece has a slightly different cleaning process from each other like tables and floors need to be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop while sofas, carpets, and beds may need a lint roller, vacuum or a bristled thick brush.

How to clean different furniture pieces properly


1.Tables and Countertops:

How to get cat hair off furniture

Using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning disinfectant spray of your own choice or even using a spray bottle with water will do just fine. First, spray the entire surface and wipe it off in circular motions, Avoid using a dry microfiber cloth because that causes friction and due to the static electricity between it doesn’t get cleaned properly so use a lightly damp cloth and once you are done go over with a dry cloth.


Well, when it comes to sofas you have two main types:

Leather sofas:

How to get cat hair off furniture

If you have a leather sofa you’re in luck because you can pretty much use a damp cloth as you would with tables or countertops and be done with it but the sad reality is not everyone owes leather sofas because they are either expensive or they aren’t that pet friendly especially if you have a cat who likes to scratch. But the process to clean a leather sofa is easy.

Fabric Sofas:

How to get cat hair off furniture

Now we all know cats love to sleep on soft couches and that’s probably where most of the fur accumulates since the little furballs love to sleep all day long on them.

A few things you need to keep in mind while cleaning fabric sofas is that: 

  • You need to clean them often you can either use a lint roller or a bristled brush they come in quite handy because due to the static electricity it immediately picks up the cat hair and you can easily remove it this way you won’t have to purchase lint rollers all the time and sometimes you can use a handheld vacuum to clean those fur spots but if you don’t have it it’s no big deal either.
  • In cases where you can see the fur that shed very prominently in spots and patches on the sofa probably due to seasonal shedding that pets go through or if your cat frequently slept in a few spots without you noticing which made the fur collect in those few spots what you could do now is remove the sofa covers and put them into the laundry with some dryer sheets which work wonders and help remove the fur off it. But if you keep cleaning your fabric sofas often you won’t face this problem.
3) Beds:

How to get cat hair off furniture


It’s pretty simple with beds as well just remove the covers once they are meant to be washed and put in some dryer sheets and they’ll do the job for you because the cat fur will get caught on the dryer sheets instead.

4) Carpets:

How to get cat hair off furniture


Just vacuum the carpet like you regularly would and because you have a furry friend with you now you’ll have to go over your carpets twice or just using repeated motions in each area one at a time will help as well. You can even sprinkle some baking soda over your carpets it helps loosen the cat hair off of it and help clean it better because the cat hair loses its grip on the carpet due to the baking soda.

5) Floors:

How to get cat hair off furniture


First off you’ll need to sweep your floors whether they are wooden or made of marble this will help collect all the dust. After cleaning that up, go over the floors with a microfiber mop and because it’s wet it will pick up any cat fur left behind on the furniture.

The key to keeping cat hair off the furniture

The one main important step that will help keep all of your furniture clean is keeping your cat clean and groomed or any pet that you may have requires getting cleaned and groomed. Because cats and dogs come in all different shapes and sizes and they all short, medium or long fur coats. Trust me the short ones shed too, so they need to be brushed as well.

Each pet be it a cat or dog requires grooming which keeps hair-fall to a minimum and whenever they need to shed, they will shed less because they are being taken care of by their owners because they are given baths more frequently, they are brushed and groomed which actually helps maintain their fur and decreases their shedding and it becomes easier to deal it because your furniture is less affected due to the decrease the hair-loss which is all due to your hard work at the end of the day.


So here’s how to get cat hair off furniture or how to get pet hair off of the furniture according to my personal research. Keep your pets groomed and cleaned because that will help you maintain the cleanliness of your furniture as they both go hand in hand. You can comment down below if you have any questions we would be more then happy to help you.

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