How to get blood out of furniture

How to get blood out of furniture

How to get blood out of furniture

Everyone that owns a piece of furniture and ever had the misfortune of bleeding out on it is very much aware of what a hassle it can be to remove blood stains. Whether it be upholstery or carpeting, sofa cloths, or cushions the first and most important rule of stain removal is to get it out as fast as you can. 

The thing about working on the stain as fast as you can is that the longer you let it sit the harder it settles into the cloth. Your choice of water is also dependent on this principle. If you use hot water it will set the stain and you definitely don’t want that. So let’s list out a few ways how to get blood out of furniture.

General ways to get blood out of furniture

  1. The first and easiest step is to take some cold water and a cloth. Soak the cloth in water and dab on the stain, then blot with another piece of cloth that is dry. Keep dabbing and blotting till blood stain is gone or at least fading. This will work easier on fresh stains.
  2. If the bloodstain is fresh but you are not satisfied with just using water to remove blood stains you can mix some laundry detergent in cold water and apply on the stain using a cloth. If it’s a removable fabric then just pop it in the washing machine and voila! You can also handwash it.
    This tip works wonders for cushion or mattresses. Just be patient. ????
  3. Another great DIY is to use lemon juice and salt. The acidity in lemon juice will break down the blood. Either dab your cloth in lemon juice or spray some over your stain, later add salt onto the stain. If you have upholstery or other porous fabric then avoid rubbing too hard as that can spread the stain.


Make sure to check the labels on your couch. They may be marked W, S, SW, or X. W can be cleaned with water-based cleaner and S with solvent-based cleaners. SW are friendly with solvent and water-based both. X however requires professional work as they can only be dry cleaned. 


  • If you want to take it up a notch you can use hydrogen peroxide directly onto the bloodstain. Let it sit for some time and work its magic. In case it forms any bubbling, that’s okay and no need to get alarmed. As the hydrogen peroxide is a chemical agent what it does through its normal mechanism of action is to kill the bacteria, which leads to bubbling.
    If there is any bubbling just wipe it off with a wet cloth. If this is a mattress or a cushion then you will need to blot out the stain with a cloth dipped in cold water OR if the fabric is removable just rinse it well under cold water.
    AGAIN. Remember not to use hot water on your blood stains as it will set the stain further in. Coldwater is your friend. 


Bloodstains and carpeting 

Anything we sit on or put our things on is considered a part of our furniture. Likewise, carpets too are a precious part of our furniture. Bloodstains are not an unusual sight but we cannot afford them to ruin our carpets. Below are some ways to help get rid of blood stains off of your carpeting. However, keep in mind that being quick is the key to removing those nasty bloodstains. 


Things you’ll need: 
  • Mild, non-alkaline detergent 
  • Cold water

Steps to follow

Step 1: 

In a bowl mix 1 teaspoon of mild, non-alkaline detergent with 275 milliliters or 1/2 pint of cold water

Step 2: 

Use only a small of the mixture on the area of the stain. Do not rub the stain or else the stain will not wash out. You should only blot the stain. 

Step 3: 

Keep on doing the process until the stain is completely removed. 


For difficult stains

Some stains can be as stubborn as a mule especially the dry bloodstains. So here is what you’ll need to do in order to get rid of them.  

You’ll need: 
  • Ammonia 
  • Cloth or sponge 
  • Absorbent pad 


Step 1: 

Mix well 1 teaspoon ammonia with 1/2 cup water. 

Step 2: 

Take a sponge or a cloth and use the mixture to sponge the stain. 

Step 3: 

When the stain is completely removed, place an absorbent pad over the area of the stain. Place a heavy item on the pad so that it weighs down and absorbs efficiently. 

Step 4: 

Let the pad sit over the area until all the water has been drawn out. 

Step 5: 

Lastly, remove the pad and make sure the area receives enough air for it to dry quickly so that no smell remains. 


Meat Tenderizer

(for non-removable furniture)

Who doesn’t love meat and those soft chewy stakes! But guess what apart from making your meat tender and melt in your mouth meat tenderizer can be used to get the blood off furniture. Especially non-removable mattresses. Here is what you’ll need to do. 

  • Nicely rub the meat tenderizer onto the blood stain and let it rest for an hour. 
  • Remove moisture by patting with a clean and dry towel. 

Whenever using a method that involves moisture and/or any water-based product use wet/dry vacuum in order to make sure that all the moisture has completely dried off. As moisture is not good for your furniture and components of some methods like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can destroy your furniture. 


The crux 

Human beings and animals have blood and getting bloodstains on our furniture is inevitable be it from a cut, injury, or a period bloodstain. The key to getting rid of them completely is to have basic things at home or in your reach at all times.  

Once again NEVER use hot water that will make the blood stain set in your furniture. Moreover, you should act quickly to get blood out of furniture as dried bloodstain is difficult to remove. 

Hope this information was of use to you in protecting your valuable pieces of furniture. 


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