Home Office Ideas on a budget

Home Office Ideas on a budget

Home Office Ideas on a budget

Home Office Ideas on a Budget is most likely the hot topic this year. 2020 has been very unkind to many of us. A lot of people have lost their jobs and are having a hard time making ends meet. Similarly, many offices have been shut down due to the lockdown. If you are one of those who need an office environment to be productive and have been forced to work from home or have been laid off by your employers due to the pandemic. Then this article will definitely comfort you.

All our lives we have been taught to look for the silver lining. Well, you must be thinking of what good this crisis can bring. How about converting your home into an office. If you have been fired from your employer then this can the perfect opportunity for you to start your own business set up or you can continue working from the comfort of your home while being in a space that depicts your office. You don’t need a separate room to create your own home office – all it takes is creative ideas and some space. We will share some of the best and easy home office ideas on a budget that will make you achieve your goals and ambitions.

Home Office Ideas on a budget

Let’s get right into it:


Before you select a room make sure that the space you choose to be your office inspires you. You want a space that is functional and reflects your unique personality. Black accent wall adds some drama and depth to space and a chandelier above the desk can add a little sparkle. You can add a wooden sideboard to serve as a storage unit for office supplies. However, if you don’t want to spend your weekend building shelves then chic decor can help you out. The functionality of the space also makes it possible to stay on top of the business side of the career.

Check for items that you have at hand before visiting a thrift shop. Why buy a new pen holder when you can simply grab a wooden box and give it a nice polish to bring it back to life or maybe a glass jar and wrap it with a nice gift wrap or if you have an inner artist in you just like me who is dying in there slowly in today’s busy corporate life then this is the time bring it out and do some glass painting.

Budget is our main focus right now so there is no need to go buy expensive tables or accessories for your space. Take out a day from your weekend and visit thrift stores. You can also take your partner or maybe a friend along with you and trust me if you really look for it you can get some pretty amazing stuff at such low prices. If there is a thing or two you would like to change according to your liking then you are free to get those creative brain cells to work.

Go Green: 

We all are well aware of how indoor plants have almost become a decorating item. In fact, indoor vertical gardens are actually trending in 2020. Finding the best type of plant for your space can be tricky, but since they are a cheap addition to your home you should definitely spend some time looking for one. Try going out to nurseries and see which plant matches your vibe.

Vertical gardens are very famous amongst masses and help to breathe life into your space. Vertical gardens can help you make your office look practical, ergonomic, and clean. If these elements are not your priority then you will probably end up working on a couch, kitchen table, or bed. Vertical gardens not only look pretty but also help you keep calm. Plants also emit natural detoxifiers to help purify the air – so if you need to ‘clear your head,’ do it with nature.

It is very unlikely that you do not have any wooden boxes at your place. Go look for some in your shed or storage room, you can put them to good use here. Clean them properly and attach strings to them. Then take a tour out to your garden and place your favorite low-maintenance plant in the wooden boxes and hang them on the wall where your eyes can see them and feel refreshed.

Bring your inner artist to work:

Even if you are involved in a boring routine, decorate your space with images that communicate with you. Fill your space with lively art to energize you and make you feel motivated. You can also create your own artwork and have it framed on your office walls or shop it from your nearby thrift stores.

Creating your own art is the best way to not only take a break from your everyday routine but also it would help you get back on the right track with even more determination than ever. These are a few options we have on hand.

Even if your art is not that great I am pretty sure you know how to draw lines. Abstract art or line art is so popular these days and it also adds so much aesthetic look and definition to your walls and to your room as a whole. Minimalist art looks so amazing and you do not need much to make one. Hop on to youtube and you can watch a few video tutorials on them and get creative.

Some people love clay art and were pretty good t it back in their school days. This isn’t a bad idea to make some decor items for your office work table or maybe for your bookshelf.


Find an appropriate rug for visual interest and sound-absorption. Ground your space with a colorful area rug that brings in other colors that accent the peach and green of your vertical garden nicely. You can also go for a neutral gray rug. Rugs can be a cheap addition to your workspace and you can always change that piece with a new one if you want to bring a change in the vibe of your workspace.

If you are new to buying rugs then you should know that apart from the common woolen rugs which you see everywhere there are a hundred options out there for you to explore. I am listing down a few below for you.

1. Silk rugs
2. Cotton rugs
3. Jute and bamboo rugs
4. Faux leather (Say no to animal cruelty)
5. Faux Fur/ Faux Hide Rugs
6. Polypropylene Rug
7. Microfiber/Polyester Rugs

Make it welcoming: 

Practice hygge, but not too cozy that you’ll end up working at the kitchen table. Neutral colors on the walls and floor of your space, together with natural plants, and some kind of textile, like throw pillows, or a yarn wall hanging, create a simple yet cozy working space. You can also create a blanket ladder, and hang a few wool ones near your desk for keeping warm in winter; switch them out with thin, cotton ones in the summer.

The main goal of making a space welcoming is to make it more work-friendly. Your space should motivate you to work more and efficiently rather than procrastinating. It should have a balanced vibe of comfort and a serious work-mode dynamic.

Gallery wall:

Hang a gallery wall with pictures you love. Style a gallery wall against a neutral wall. Use removable wall strips to hold your pictures. This way you can change the look of the wall whenever you want without leaving nail marks on the wall.

Since here we are talking about a gallery wall for your workspace then make sure it should not be too casual nor too nerdy. Always keep in mind that time management is very important. Now by that, I do not mean that every breath you take should be according to the ticking of a clock. However, do remember to hang a wall clock on your gallery wall making sure it is blended well with the vibe you have overall.

As a blogger, I love to plan my work and while I do that calenders yes our classic wall calenders are my absolute favorite. I personally customize my calenders myself with beautiful scenery on top and big boxes with dates in them with enough space for me to write my to-do list for that day. I hang them with a jute rope three in a row and they look absolutely beautiful, work-oriented, and trendy.

Pro Tip: You can arrange the pictures on the floor first and experiment with different patterns until you achieve the harmonious look that you want.

Mix old and new:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with putting your grandmother’s antique pieces with your modern artwork. You can pair a gorgeous antique rug that you have been trying to get rid of with a pair of new red chairs. A mix of vintage and modern makes a home feel warm and lived in and personal. The art on the walls can be limited to black and white images so that the color in the space doesn’t become too overwhelming. If nothing is in the attic look for auction houses and estate sales for unique pieces of furniture at a reasonable price. If you are lucky you can harvest great pieces of furniture in exchange for very little money.

Or maybe you could just simply go for the gallery wall calendar idea above and incorporate it with your vintage stuff at home. Do that and see how it looks. Do let me know in the comment box below if you try it out.


Mother nature bestowed us with such a beautiful gift of sunlight. The yellow sunlight not only helps you save that electricity bill but also has such an immense psychological impact on your health and brain activity. It helps you actually wake up and get running. So make your office space airier and open up those curtains or blinds in the morning to let that sunshine come in.

Let the light in, natural light also makes space feel bigger. You can use fogged window film on all the windows so you could always have the curtains up. This also allows enough light for the plants in the room and will keep them and yourself lively. This way you’ll feel more alive which will also increase your efficiency. Therefore, place your home office furniture under a window, and utilize light-reflective elements like glass and bright white to truly maximize its brightening potential. The bright home office also doubles as the guest room.

Play with colors:

You don’t necessarily have to choose anything trendy, choose colors that speak to you. Whether you’re painting office walls, and shelves with one color to make space feel larger or using a filing cabinet, working in a color-filled environment can make you more inspired to work from your office. A little color can go a long way, especially in an all-white space. Sometimes playing with colors can provide the perfect background for a productive day’s work.

People often disregard the importance of colors in their lives. Colors have a huge impact on our brain activity and every color emits special rays which have a different effect on your health as well as your mood. So do not just go with any color, do some homework and choose wisely.

Blue, yellow, green, white are a few examples of colors that give out positive calming energy. You can pick one from this color scheme or look for something of your choice. But make sure that it should not make your space look congested.

Organize and get productive:

There is no need to be an absolute clean-freak however that does not mean that you scatter your work all over the place. A little bit of organization is the key and can go a long way as no one can work efficiently in a messy home office. You should use all your vertical space, as well, by putting cabinets up to the ceiling with different types of storage space and a wall hanging board to help organize office files that might otherwise end up in a drawer.

Make sure that you do not have papers and clutter everywhere. Make files for every project you are working on and have an open file keeper next to your table so that you have easy access to them and you do not have to get up and look for them. A dustbin is a must-have for all those papers that you at to get rid of instead of throwing them on the floor dispose them of properly to maintain a clean organized look.

I hate the look of scattered wiring all across the room. So make sure that you have all your wirings properly done and are at a side rather than all over the room. This can not only give your space a messier look but also be a reason for a potential disaster. Have all your plugging organized in a clean and nice manner.

Industrial Bookcases:

Not sure where to start? Try an industrial-style metal bookcase; if industrial style bookcases were meant for any space, it’s the home office. The minimalistic silhouette will make for the crisp organization while the weathered finish of the industrial bookcase adds a rustic and effortless charm.

Contemporary industrial bookshelves are a great way to organize your stuff as well as add definition to your space. You can place your files or books on it but also put some geometric plant holders. Nature always comes to the rescue and helps us add refreshing colors and a lively vibe. Also if you have a hobby like playing a guitar or violin you can put them next to your bookcase in a leaning manner.

Statement lamp and traditional chair:

Lamp and a traditional chair is a prerequisite for an office space. Late-night projects don’t just happen, they take passion and a lot of lighting with a comfortable leather chair to relax your back. A strong table lamp is also one of the most effortless ways to balance out a room’s style. A supportive and comfortable chair helps you lose yourself in your work.

Make sure that you place your chair and lamp at such a place that it gives a more open feel rather than a packed feel. The light of the lamp should spread out and give you the maximum benefit of it. So take your time and choose that corner wisely. Traditional side table lamps are a great way to illuminate any space. Their classic shape with an open bottom and top help in spreading out the light.

Lift-top tables:

There are chances that you don’t have the space to place a desk, or maybe you just don’t really feel the need to work at a desk in the first place. In such a case a lift-top table works as a great alternative. Simply pull up a chair and get to work. They have a very simple yet effective feel. Even if you are not short on space and love the feel of a lift-top table then you can also get it for yourself. What I love the most about them is that I can keep all my important files and papers within my reach.

If you are short on space then a lift-top desk can be the best option for you as it has a storage facility within. You can easily place your important project files in it and have quick access to them. Some people love living on the go and do not wish to invest much on storage spaces like extra bookshelves or so. If you are one of those who only need a few papers and their laptop then you should seriously consider this idea of having a lift-top table.

Home Workspace Tips:

  1. Work in a space without television. This way you can focus on your work without being distracted by the noise. However, some nice and light music in the background can always help spark creativity and new ideas which you were having a hard time about.
  2. Use a calendar or to-do list. When your to-do list is always in your line of vision, you are more likely to want to cross things off of it. Plus you don’t have to remember the deadlines by yourself, just use the calendar.
  3. Hang “do not disturb” signs when you are on calls or in a meeting. If you’re working from the living room and don’t have the luxury of privacy, communicate with your family members about the signs.
  4. Use file cabinets. You will be amazed by what a little bit of organization can do. If your work involves referencing books or paperwork, a file cabinet can work wonders to keep the workflow easy.
  5. Choose flexible furniture. A flexible workspace can be better for you and your productivity. Flexible furniture will make sitting more active and help improve posture.
  6. Mix trays, drawers, and shelves in the same color to create your own customized unit. Label files and boxes to keep everything organized and easy to find.
  7. If the space is limited, choose hard-working essentials with hidden extras. Task lighting is best for focused desk work.

Wrap up

A nice wrap up to anything is very important be it a blog or your day. Always remember to review your to-do list before you take off your work clothes. Do let me know what is your preferred way of work from home and which ideas did you like in this blog post. If there is anything you would like me to talk about do let me know in the comment box below and I would love to help you out.

Have a suggestion in mind do let me that as well. I hope that after reading this blog post you would not have to look for anything elsewhere regarding home Office Ideas on a budget. Have a good day, stay safe, stay blessed. ????


How do I build a cheap home office?

For building a cheap home office you have to be thoughtful about how much space you're taking to build your office. If you are planning for a cheap home office consider converting only one corner of the room and set up your desk there. By doing this you can cut down the cost of any extra things you would have to buy if you were setting up the whole room as your office.

How can I make my home office look nice?

1. Keep everything arranged in your office because by keeping everything in order will make the place look nicer automatically.
2. Another thing you can do is add in simple furniture (like these reclaimed wood chairs and desk)
3. Choose a neutral color theme. These are usually very light colors such as beige, gray, and taupe (brownish-gray).
4. Create vertical gardens as these are very famous amongst masses and help to breathe life into your space.

What should every home office have?

1. A Desk for the Home Office
2. A comfortable chair
3. Computer
4. Office Calendar
5. Printer
6. Good lighting

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