Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

The summer season is almost over and fall is almost upon us. Rather than lamenting the end of summer, let’s celebrate the new season with decorating your front porch for the fall. As there is no harm in starting early you have our permission to start decorating your porch if you simply can’t wait. Do not worry about the ideas that we have in this article as they are both easy and on a budget. With the right fall decor like the ones that we will discuss in this article, even the smallest porch can be transformed into a comfortable place.

While you might lose sunny afternoons, you will be gaining much more. The cool fall afternoons provide the ideal climate for a wide range of fun activities while sitting on your front porch with a delicious cocktail. Since you are probably sticking close to home this year because of the pandemic, it is not hard to make your own front porch the only place where you will want to be anyway. Let’s gather some inspiration and a few budget-friendly supplies and decorate your porch for the fall.


Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget


Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Fall is your time to live the extra life you have waited for all summer long. Go for those red, orange, yellow bold vibes which the summer cannot carry.

For sure fall is for a very short time span and is fleeting but you should incorporate its elements in a way that you can carry them on into your winter suit. Let us now look at some ideas on how we can together shape up our front porch perfect for fall.

Entrance to porch

Since we are going all out so let us start from the outside of the porch leading to it.


Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

What better idea to use orange in our fall theme than using pumpkins on the sideways of our staircase.

It looks so so appealing to the eyes and refreshing too. The warm tone of orange pumpkins adds depth to the staircase and make them pop.

If you have wooden railings with your staircase then you can also add a net cloth preferably white or if you have a bold color scheme to go with the orange pumpkins then you can go for it as well. Add more definition to your staircase by putting artificial leaves and twigs in burnt orange color.

Isn’t it looking lovely already!

At the last stair you can on one corner put some haystack to give it a more countryside feel.

You can always put in more or less according to your taste and resources at hand.

Walk of pumpkin/ Pumpkin carpet

Who does not love the Hollywood walk of fame! Let us make our own walk of fame or our orange carpet just like the very famous red carpet with pumpkins.

Make a walkway lined with pumpkins on both sides and with fallen leaves in between them with those beautiful rustic shades of brown, yellow, orange.

Personalized corner 

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

We just love people who love to put their own personal taste to their favorite corner or area. There is no way that you do not have a favorite spot on your porch where you would love to sit and watch those leaves fall and change color.

Decorate it by putting a wooden crate colored in the color of your choice. Place pumpkin in it and wrap it lightly with fairy lights. You can always visit your local thrift shop and look for stuff and I bet you will find some crazy good gems hidden in there! Maybe a skeleton you see in the picture above if you get lucky just like I did.

Put mini lamps in vintage style and steel can cut out a pumpkin shape and it will look absolutely stunning.

Witchcraft themed corner

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

We all love horror witchcraft themed movies and fall is the right time to live our fantasies. Take lots of dried twigs and lay them in the corner of your liking. Then place your pumpkins at a distance from each other. Now you can also place a creepy vintage lamp or candles to make the blood run cold. Skull is the best prop to make the corner a show stopper.

Porch windows

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Windows are often ignored when decorating a porch. But we won’t do that and work it all through till the end.

You can take light-weight plastic baskets and paint them in a color that goes well with orange. Place your pretty pumpkins in them and with a thin fairy light wrap them lightly.

To add that wild look to it you can add bamboos or take a thin tree trunk as shown in the picture above.

Window wreaths

You can also hang window wreaths which will breathe in fresh air to your porch’s look and add that seasonal look to it.


Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Why should we ignore the door of our entrance which is not technically the part of our porch but um for me it is. And we will decorate it as well.

For the door, I would love to go really really simple. Why? Because amidst all the crazy fun which we just had from our walk of pumpkins to our personalized corner and windows the simple door would pop up so much and add a balance to the overall picture.

However, if you think that you want to add some extra touch you always can and rock that look in your style.

Leaf art wall

If you have kids at your place then you can plan this awesome fun activity with them and decorate a wall section of your porch with this wall art.

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Take some good fallen leaves of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Stick them on a light-colored chart paper and on a washing line with the help of plastic clips hang them or you can even glue them to the wall. It looks so awesome and adds a creative touch to your porch.

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

You can also collect leaves and make a beautiful mini tree out of them on the wall of your porch. You can also carefully laminate the tree and make a photo frame out of it and hang it on your porch. This will be such a creative DIY frame for your porch.

Wind chime/ Leaf art

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Or you can also make art by carving on the leaves if you love carving. You can laminate the leaves individually and make a wind chime out of them. Trust me people will be awestruck by this unique windchime of yours.

This idea is a must try this fall.

Cart wheel on the porch wall

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

What a classic way to add a wow factor to the wall of your porch by adding a cart wheel to it. This is the perfect vintage look to add to the wooden wall of your porch.

You can if you wish to hang a skull with horns on the wall as well. And put small pumpkins or maybe wrap dried leaves on the horns.

Cute egg nest

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Still missing the blooming flowers from summers? It is totally okay to feel that way! I have the perfect cute idea for you to incorporate that theme into your fall decor. Why not and who does not love a bit of fusion twist, eh?

You can make a small hole at the back of the eggs and clean them carefully. Draw cute eyes on them and make a crown for them queens and king eggs, put them in your handmade nest of fallen twigs. Wow! You can put the nest in a tray or a plate and decorate it on your wooden porch table.

Mini porch floor seating

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

This may look like a lot of money to invest in order to achieve this look but no beautiful look like this can be achieved on a budget if you plan wisely.

It is not necessary to achieve the same look but let us look around for stuff in our house first and then for the remaining part we can always visit our local thrift shops.

You can make the roof from haystacks if you wish that would be a perfect way to complete that countryside porch look. And bring those big cushions sitting by the fireside out and your mini coffee table.

Wasn’t that rather simple to achieve this look which looked way too expensive at first? You can place a rug beneath which is lying there in your storage room. Add a pop of color by going bold and putting orange, yellow, red decor items on the tables.

Fall Scarecrows Porch Theme

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

I am absolutely in love with these scarecrows fall themed porch and will definitely go make some for my porch once I finish this blog post.

On the two corners of the porch, you can put these hand made scarecrows to add that Jeepers Creepers vibes but in a cute way. We do not want to scare our guest hehe.????

Some haystacks and pumpkins beneath them would add more flavor to our theme.

Thankful Wall Hanging

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Life is all about being thankful. So you can also make this cute “thankful” wall hanging using glitter sticker and make leaves and small pumpkins out of hard chart paper.

It would look so good on the wall of your porch or maybe on the empty space on the top of your door.

Let us call it a day

I had so much fun today talking about all these amazing fall decor ideas for your porch that too on a budget. I hope that you found some creative and unique ideas in this blog post and will try them right now! I am excited for you too as well. ????

Do try them out and let me know how they turned out in the comment box down below. I will be waiting for your lovely reply. Stay safe stay blessed! ????????


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