Best wood for bed frame

Best wood for bed frame

Best wood for bed frame

Bed frames come in all different shapes and sizes to cater to every individual’s needs and requirements. Nowadays you can pretty much find any type of bed frame that you’d like.

So today we’ll be discussing the best wood for bed frame, that you can get with all the types along with their advantages!

Wood made bed frames are some of the best purchases of furniture homeowners can make because they can last a lifetime due to their durability to withstand change. Below in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best types of woods you can invest in for that perfect bed frame for your bedroom decor.

Advantages of Wood made Bedframes

1) Durability:

Bedframes made out of wood are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight as well.

2) Lifespan:

Beds made out of wood can last for decades you can even find antique beds these days which have been passed down as heirlooms through generation after generation in families.

3) Versatility:

You can have your bedframes custom made to your needs which is a huge plus because that way you can have made it any way you want.

4) Worth the money:

Even though buying a good wood bedframe may seem expensive it is totally worth the money.

5) Maintenance:

The biggest advantage is if you have wood furniture it is pretty easy to maintain it. And to help with that click on the following blog post it describes it pretty well.

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Categories of Wood for Bed Frames

There are a lot of types of wood for bed frames it all comes in varying degrees.
But the two main categories are:

1. Hardwood:

This type of wood takes a very long time to grow on trees which is why it is more expensive when it comes to wood. But these are very durable and long-lasting.

2. Softwood:

Softwood is more commercially available and it is more on the affordable end 80% of timber is softwood. Bed frames can also be made from it.

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Types of Best Wood for Bed Frame

While choosing the best type of wood for bed frames you still have a ton of options that comes along with that list so don’t worry and choose your personal favorite from the list. Because it all depends on your preference what you like and what shades and tones of wood you prefer the list below has some of the bed woods specifically targeted for bed frames so take a pick and get your own customized wood bed frame made to your own liking.


Walnut wood has got to be one of the top contenders when it comes to making a high-quality bed frame and is also known as one of the best wood for bed frame. Not only is it strong it is also shock-resistant and is a pretty stable piece of wood furniture. It is quite expensive but beautiful as well it captures the perfect essence that natural dark brown wood color so a lot of people do love purchasing it and having their own bed frames made out of Walnut wood.

2.White pine:

It’s favourite among carpenters because it is fairly easy to work with and people love the white color for decor these days but one downside is that it isn’t as long-lasting. But it still lasts a fair amount of time compared to other woods out there and it is very pretty when used as a bed frame which is why it’s still a popular option.

3.Oak Wood:

This is also another strong option for bed frames because of it’s longevity and how beautifully it brings together your other furniture it is very wearable and comes in lovely shades of white and red.


Birch is a really good option for people who prefer lighter wood for bed frames like beige tan to white and it is pretty sturdy and long-lasting so a lot of homeowners love it as their bed frame. Plus it is also very hard and shock-resistant.

5. Mahogany:

It is also one of the best types of wood for bed frames due to its wearability, strength, and is barely susceptible to any external damage. It has a gorgeous color and ages quite beautifully from light to dark-reddish brown.

6.Cherry Wood:

It’s a pretty good shock absorber and is also quite durable it is cheaper compared to walnut but it’s still high-quality wood that when used in bed frames it gives a great appearance to your staple piece of furniture which is your bed. It also comes it a dark-reddish shade. 

7. Cedar:

It is extremely durable and strong and can often be found in panels and fences. But it is also a great option for bed frames because not only is it strong it has very specifics colors and tones from white to brown which is found in many bed frames of different homes.

8. Oak:

It is best liked for it’s bending quality and strength it is resistant to fungal attacks and insect attacks. Oak can also be found in a variety of colors from white and reds.

That’s the list of my top personal favourites so choose any you’d like and make your own personalized wood bed frame that’ll be a perfect fit for your bedroom needs.


Wood is the best option when it comes to choosing furniture and materials for bed frames because of how well it ages and how much variety you can find in it. So instead of other bed frames, I would totally recommend bed frames made out of wood for your bed. It’s true that it may be an expensive investment but it is the best option because beds are used for a long time they are not a piece of decor that is often replaced like other pieces of wood furniture. So once you’ve decided to make that choice by investing and buying your own favourite type of wood for your own bed frame. Trust me you won’t regret it.

I hope this article guided you about all the types of Best Wood for Bed Frame, if you still have any confusion or doubt anything you are most welcome to comment down below and we’ll make sure to help you out in the best possible way! ????

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