Backyard Revolution Solar Reviews

Global warming is on the rise and with that people are becoming more and more aware of taking practical steps towards green energy. Green renewable energy is more cost-efficient but also good for the environment. And the renewable energy we are about to discuss in our blog post is sunlight.

Production of energy from solar means is not a new one and has been in use for decades now. So what is it that we are talking new about it? There absolutely is something new in the market out there for you and me and our homes. By the end of this blog post, I hope you will have some idea about the system and whether or not you like this new system and/or has it really revolutionized the energy-producing systems available currently as the name claims?

Every year people as they are getting aware of the solar energy production method; people install/ set up solar energy panel to save them money and energy.

While this is true that those solar panels save money and energy in the long run but the fact that their initial installation cost can go up to $10,000 is the main reason why their use is not widespread. Moreover, you need some technical assistance to help you have them installed.

Hence, people look for and there is a demand for an alternative to the conventional solar panel system. And that is exactly what the Backyard revolution system is. The system not only requires very little space but is also very cost-effective.

The backyard revolution program was built to help consumers with the 3D solar panel, which costs around $200 not more than that. Moreover, it takes up to 5 percent less space than conventional solar panels. Today in this review, you will find out what the backyard revolution actually is, how it operates, its pros and cons that you should keep in mind, and a lot more.

What is the Backyard Revolution system?

Backyard Revolution was created for people who are sick and tired of power loss and exceeding monthly electricity bills. And its creator Zack Bennett brought it to life to solve this misery. How does Backyard Revolution solve these problems? It does so by providing its users with the chance to generate all the electricity required for their daily needs in just less than ten square feet of space.

The traditional solar panels without a doubt are a good source of generating electricity. However, people have been moving away from this option because of their high cost and space. Moving ahead the Backyard Revolution system originated in theory from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a renowned institute around the world. So for now we can safely say that it has caused a buzz in the field of alternative electricity options.

And because of this amazing creation people are coming back to solar energy electricity production. The reason being that the technology is cost-effective needs very less space, and has no maintenance cost.

How does it operate?

The structure or you can say the body of the system is what sets it apart. It has a 3D-dimension structure that increases or multiplies the power-producing capacity of the solar panels installed. The solar panels are arranged in an overlapping manner. Not a single panel hinders sunlight for the other one rather they are beautifully and intelligently arranged in such a way that each receives a complete glaze of the sun’s rays and works at a maximum given potential.

All you need to do is purchase the system and all is sorted out for you by its founder, Zack Bennett. You get full access to the tools you need that make it easier for a layman to get the system started. That includes best-quality diagrams and pictures that guide you and in just a few hours gets your system working.

Wondering what more is there to help you? Don’t worry Zack has been kind enough to provide an over-the-shoulder video that makes it so simple to set it up as you can practically see and follow along with him. And in no time without any professional help, your very own power plant is ready.

How is it different?

According to the research done by MIT researchers, the Backyard Revolution power system can produce up to 20 times more energy as compared to the traditional panels in the same space. Hence, we can confidently say that it is different than the conventional solar panel system.

The arrangement of the solar cells that are mounted on the vertical tower in a zigzag pattern allows it to gather maximum energy from the sun. solar cells are being produced at a large scale at the moment hence, the Backyard Revolution system is a cheaper alternative for domestic use and businesses alike.

Many people still have this misconception that the design is costly and difficult to actually set up however, that is absolutely not true and the cost does not exceed $200. The cost includes all the tools that you would need for the setup and the good thing is that you can use those tools for other projects too. And if you have a connection with DIY projects then you may already have some in your garage already. The setup is very easy but if you still feel a little unconfident about your skills then you can take help from your local electrician or even a carpenter.

But I may remind you again that you do not need to worry at all about setting it up as Zack’s step by step video is enough for anyone to get the system running in no time. You can also if you wish download the PDF document and do as instructed. Whichever way you follow; you have everything within your reach to help fulfill the task without any hindrance.

Advantages/ pros of Backyard Revolution

Some of the main selling points for the Backyard Revolution system are:

  • It takes up less space
  • Save you money and energy
  • Green technology contributes to a better environment
  • Does not emit dangerous emissions like other electricity generators
  • Light weight
  • Typically, little and/ or zero maintenance cost
  • 60 days’ money-back guarantee
  • Very low initial investment as compared to a conventional solar panel system
  • Quick return on investment through saving money through low electricity bills
  • Easy to set up with minimum technical skills and know-how
  • No need for charging
  • Green and renewable energy solution without any harm to the environment or wildlife

Disadvantages/ Cons of Backyard Revolution

  • It took me around seven hours to build the system. So you should keep in mind that if you are someone like me with very little technical know-how then it will take time to set up the system.
  • It’s a support system and an alternative for your household energy production but it’s not a complete domestic power supply unit. You should never depend on one power generation source because if something goes wrong you are exposed to dangers.

60 days’ money-back guarantee

What actually is mind-blowing is that just in case you change your mind after purchasing the product and wish to cancel it, then you can do so with 60 days (2 months) and get a 100 percent full refund of your money. No questions asked. The Backyard Revolution system as you may be very glad to know is currently available at a discounted price of $39.



Some of the very frequently asked questions about the Backyard Revolution system and their answers are as follows:

  1. Is the Backyard revolution legit?

A one-word answer would be yes! As there is complete and rigorous research behind the system and a very famous name of MIT which in reality is in use in approximately 4000 households in the USA. Such a huge number of consumers can never be fake. Just like any other man-made system the most that can happen is minor ups and down in the expected or claimed output of the product. And if you are unsatisfied with the output then the 60 days’ return policy is always there.

  1. What is Backyard Revolution Solar guide?

Backyard Revolution guide is basically a video tutorial; that helps a viewer/ buyer to follow the step by step guidelines to build a home-based mini solar power plant. The video tutorial is extremely well-made and can be followed by anyone with zero technical knowledge.

  1. Where can I purchase Solar Panels?

Solar panels are now available in big retail/ supermarkets. If you wish you can also order it online through popular online platforms. Always check for the authenticity of the online seller before buying.


Final verdict

This amazing product by an ordinary man and a carpenter Zack Bennett just like you and me is designed to make your life threat-free by helping you generate your own power using renewable solar energy. It is such a great option for anyone to get rid of the dependency on government agencies and other electricity providers as you can now have your personal power plant in your backyard. Not only does the system save you money but it equally protects you and your family from getting exposed to potential dangers during a blackout.


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