Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back? | Health Benefits Explained

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

Can the cozy retro bean bag chairs actually have some health benefits or are they just another piece of furniture that has come back in style? Let’s take a look into the health benefits of bean bags so you can exactly know that are bean bags bad for your back or are they a good option to buy!

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back?

Some of you might think that bean bags are something recently created but that not true. Bean bags have been in the market since the 1970s and made a comeback recently. They are highly popular not only among the youth but also in people of the older age group. Their plus point is that they are versatile in their design and can be adjusted according to your preferences. Bean bags are a perfect match for not only your homes but also your personal office room. Due to them being light in weight they can be moved from one place to another without much effort. 

Types of bean bags:

Let us before moving on to the main discussion quickly take a look at different types of bean bags. Types of bean bags matter a lot because of the required needs of a person. Moreover not only does a bean bag vary in their types they also have different kinds of fillings and different construction material. nylon by far is the most popular material because of its durability and easy maintenance level.

1. Round bean bags

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

Round bean bags without a doubt the most loved type of bean bags. It is spherical in shape and this is the type people imagine when they hear the word bean bag. People primarily use it for a movie night when they wish to lay down comfortably. The size can vary depending upon the space you have in your room where you want it to be. Also, the material can be of your preference. 

2. Square bean bags

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

Now by the name of it “square bean bags” many people start to wonder if it is the best option to have at your place or not and what purposes can it serve. But I must assure you that square bean bags although new in the market as compared to the round-shaped bean bags are highly recommended. That is because they can be used as:

  • A footrest
  • A temporary seating 
  • As a coffee table
  • Play fun board games on it
  • Decoration piece

So many different ways are possible mostly because of its defined design and build.

3. Chair shaped bean bags

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

The latest hit among gamers and youth because of its shape and design. It gives you a more traditional seating feel and is also called a teardrop-shaped bean bag. It is a perfect choice for playing video games they will definitely add to your gaming experience. They are also perfect for your back and can provide you a good posture when you play games or watch TV.

4. Extra-large bean bags 

Are Bean Bag Chairs Good For Your Back

If you have a group of best friends and you love watching movies together while warming up with each other. Then this extra-large bean bag is perfect for you and your loved ones. You can easily sit with 2-3 friends or family members. You can place it in your living room or if you have a theatre room in your place. 

Sitting Posture

The way you stand is not the only posture that matters; a good sitting posture can have a significant impact on your body (especially your back) and can help reduce pain levels. The desired seating position is not only comforting but also decreases fatigue. Ensuring comfort is essential as it ultimately improves the quality of life. Moreover, good sitting posture is also a critical requirement for movement and function.  Proper positioning can also reduce the influence of abnormal tone and reflexes consequently encouraging normal movement. 

Having to sit on a wooden chair or sofa after a long workday is not only unpleasant but can also alter your natural posture. Trunk asymmetry and poor head position can also impair cardiac efficiency, digestion, and respiration. Bean bag chairs, on the other hand, are filled with foam which molds itself around your body in its natural position without affecting your desired sitting position.

An appropriate seating system also provides an ideal position for respiratory and circulatory function along with facilitating normal swallowing pattern. Further proper sitting posture helps relieve pressure in the lower spine, hips, and sciatic nerve. 

Ergonomic bean bag

Back pain is a common issue amongst the people of older ages however recently more young people are also diagnosed with bad back pains. This can mainly be attributed to playing video games, watching TV, and sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time.

If you are someone who suffers from regular back and neck aches you must be thinking that are bean bag chairs good for your back? You will be delighted to know that there are certain bean bag with back support that adjusts to the shape and size of your body as you sit on them, supporting your body rather than forcing it into an unnatural and uncomfortable bad posture without affecting your neck and back with undue stress. 

Modern ergonomic bean bag chairs come with heat pads which can be used to warm the muscles in the body to relieve tension. The softness of the bean bag chairs also helps in the quick healing of the bum area. 

Bean bags have also been found to be very helpful and therapeutic to autistic people. The beads in the bean bags provide pressure on their bodies which helps them to ease and concentrate. They are also recommended for people with hemorrhoids.

Eco Friendly

Bean bags also cater to the most vital environmental issue i-e global warming. The manufacturing of bean bag chairs does not involve any wood hence preventing deforestation which gradually leads to global warming and pollution. About 17 percent of the Amazonian rainforest has been destroyed over the past 50 years, and losses recently have been on the rise. We need trees for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they absorb not only the carbon dioxide that we exhale but also the heat-trapping greenhouse gases that human activities emit. Nearly all free oxygen in the air is produced by plants through photosynthesis, the process which involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a by-product which humans use to breathe.

Easy to clean

Many studies have connected clean environments for a healthy life. Germs and other harmful diseases flourish in the dirt. Bean bag chairs come with removable covers that are easy to clean. The removable covers make it easy to clean bean bag chairs and live a healthy life. A clean environment not only helps live a robust life but also boosts self-confidence which in turn helps cure depression and anxiety which means that that a person will always be in the right frame of mind; no depression, no anxiety. Moreover, clean surroundings promote higher productivity and a sense of propriety as well. 

Reducing Tensions

Many people do not realize this but bean bag chairs can actually be helpful in reducing headaches and tensions. Poor sitting posture can often contribute to neck and shoulders tension, therefore causing headaches. Since sitting on high-quality bean bag chairs ensures perfect support you can easily prevent the unwanted pain allowing the muscles to relax and drain the tension.

On the flip side…

Bean bag chairs have become a very popular piece of furniture in recent times. However, the question is are bean bags bad for your back? You have to know the cons of bean bag chairs before you use them as it is important to see what’s on the other side of the coin before you make the final decision.

Back and shoulder support

Some bean bag chairs do not provide sufficient support to your back when you are seated on the bean bag chairs. Hence they are not good for your spinal cord. As you do not get enough support for your back and shoulders, it may lead to muscular pains which are also bad for your arm and shoulder muscles as the bean bag chairs chair does not give support to these body parts. The way you are seated on the bean bag chairs chair also brings adverse effects on body posture. 

Difficulty in standing up

Bean bag chairs are placed very near to the ground and sink further to the ground when you seat on it making it very difficult for people with knee and leg problems to easily get up from them. People who have knee problems have to put extra pressure on their kneecaps which might result in discomfort or in extreme cases increased pain in their knees. Therefore, bean bag chairs are not suitable for people with knee and leg problems. 


The material which is used to prepare the bean bag chairs is very hard to dispose of and cause permanent pollution to the environment. If not disposed appropriately they might end up on land where they take a lot of land which may come to humans in the form of food that is grown on land affecting their health adversely. Their consumption can even prove to be FATAL.  

Since these products take a long time to bio-degrade constant exposure of plastics to heat melts those resulting in the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Incinerating plastic causes toxic fumes to be released into the atmosphere. Inhaling this polluted air causes different types of diseases like tuberculosis & other forms of respiratory tract infections.


Some bean bag chairs are made up of material that can cause cancers by creating cancer cells in the human body and cause harm to the reproductive system. One such material is Vinyl. Most of the Vinyl products contain a mixture of Diisononyl phthalate(DINP). DINP is also likely to increase the risk of cancers. This chemical causes cancer in body parts such as the pancreas, kidney, liver, and bone.

Vinyl also contains vinyl chloride which is a colorless gas that is deleterious to the human body and causes harm to the reproductive system. The best course of action, in this case, is to avoid bean bag chairs made of vinyl. Vinyl Chloride should not enter the body because it will cause drowsiness, headaches, difficulties in the kidneys, and lungs. It is also bad for the nervous system. 

Choking hazard

The highest and most dangerous aspect of having a bean bag chairs chair around the house is the beans itself. Small kids and pets may unknowingly swallow the beans which may get stuck in their throats that may prove deadly. 

However, there is a very simple remedy available for this issue. People who have kids or pets in their house should go for bean bag chairs which either have a separate interior liner that holds the pellets or have a safety lock on the zipper. 

In addition to this bean bag chairs are not recommended for infants to sleep on. They pose a risk of suffocating the baby. Therefore, babies are advised to sleep on firm surfaces.


You might see bean bag chairs as a lovely restful piece of furniture to have in homes but they come with both good qualities and bad qualities. You must be mindful of the adverse effects that these bean bag chairs cause before you decide to buy them. Now that you have read the article and are aware of the health benefits and harmful effects of using bean bag chairs, you are in a good position to make a smart decision if they’re right for you, or if another type of seating would be a better choice. Further, when buying bean bag chairs, look for the ones that have warning labels and avoid those which are made of Vinyl rather prefer such products which are made of polyester and nylon.

However, if you’re still not sure whether bean bag chairs will suit you or are bean bag chairs good for your back and health, you won’t lose out much by trying your luck and buying a bean bag chair to try them out. Most bean bags are available at a very reasonable price and if they don’t work out for you. You can pass them on to someone else. There is always someone who will be happy to take them off your hands!!!

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